Environmental Technician Skills for Resume

Updated on: May 31, 2017

Your skills as an environmental technician define you on many planes – a hiring manager will actively look for the skills section on your resume to decipher what you are capable of. If he or she doesn’t find one, it might become difficult to gauge if you are a good enough individual to hire for a specific job. Unfortunately, many of us take writing skills in our resume quite lightly, wrongly believing that if we do not put them in, it is not an issue. The issue that lack of a skills section can create is vast – and the repercussions can be massive.

A skills list particular to an applicant’s abilities is used to gauge how well he or she will fit into the organization. This gauge works on two levels – the ability of a candidate to work in a professional capacity and his or her capacity to become a valuable member of a team. Both these are important for hiring managers who want nothing more than trained employees who know the job, and can gel in instantly. What else does the skills section do for us? Plenty! As far as your inherent abilities and professional prowess is concerned, the skills section is a goldmine of information. The more you write about how good you are, the greater your chances of becoming the hiring manager’s hot favorite.

What follows is a list of skills that is particular to the position of an environmental technician:

Environmental Technician Skills for Resume

• Competent in performing sampling and assessment of soil, groundwater and other materials to determine toxicity levels

• Qualified to develop, implement and monitor environmental control programs and ensure environmental compliance of contract requirements

• Deeply familiar with checking compliance in producing an environmentally compliant product or / and service

• Especially talented in conducting inspections on completed contract work and handling documentation to ensure that the final product meets all established environmental specifications

• Deep insight into producing environment deficiency reports in a clear, concise and comprehensive manner

• Exceptionally well-versed in monitoring and measuring environmental management system (EMS) goals and policies and providing recommendations on how to achieve these goals

• Demonstrated ability to provide support in carrying out corrective and preventative actions to remedy non-compliance

• Proficient in designing methodologies for environmental sampling and analysis and implementing quality control and assurance protocols for testing materials for conformity

• Effectively able to measure field characteristics, properties and composition of soils, river channels and biological systems

• Adept at gathering environmental data by applying agriculture, chemistry, meteorology and engineering principles