Executive Consultant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 2, 2017

Interviews are important milestones in our professional lives. They always leave a mark whether they are successful or not. If the latter situation prevails, they prepare us for the next interview. And if they are successful, they end up in bringing us close to new opportunities.

However, interviews are seen with a lot of trepidation by most of us as there is a lot to lose if one does not do well in them. It is understandable that most of us feel fearful and unsure of what to do before the interview. But losing our train of thought at this important time means certain death where interview success is concerned. Do not fear the process – prepare for it!

What follows is a set of questions and answers for you to look through before you appear for an interview, for the position of an executive consultant:


Executive Consultant Interview Questions and Answers

What makes you a great contender to work as an executive consultant with our organization?
With demonstrated ability to determine key business issues and develop appropriate resolutions, great capability to lead professionals through influence and collaboration, expertise in teambuilding and conflict resolution, and great insight of business processes, I am a force to reckon with when in my true element as an executive consultant. I believe that these are sufficient reasons for me to be considered a good choice to work for your organization.

Tell us of one skill that one needs in order to work successfully as an executive consultant?
While there are many skills that one needs in order to be successful at this work, I would pick up the ability to analyze and interpret issues as the most important one.

Tell us of one thing that you did which you feel ended up in great success?
I was once solely responsible for determining a problem with a business process which resulted in the organization losing a lot of money. Deciphering the issue and ensuring that appropriate action was taken on time made it possible for them to resolve the crises immediately.

What do you think is the one element that is most important for process improvement within an organization?
While I believe that different situations require separate measures, the one thing that remains constant is the choice of tools and data requirements that are needed to support effective business process improvement practices.

As far as work duties are concerned, what have been 3 of your major duties in the role of an executive consultant?
The three main work duties that I am responsible for include:
• Serving as a thought partner in handling strategy development work.
• Communicating complex information to key stakeholders in a compelling manner.
• Developing and executing communication plans relevant to strategy and performance.

As far as paperwork is concerned, what is the main work that you are required to do in an executive consultant position?
Creating reports of analyzed information and developing proposals and presentations are two of the main areas where I have handled paperwork extensively.