Electronic Repair Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: September 29, 2018

Working in residential, commercial and industrial settings, electronic repair technicians perform installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment. They need to be knowledgeable of both electrical and mechanical principles as they also manage mechanical and hydraulic equipment.

While requiring only a high school diploma to qualify for the position of an electronic repair technician, employers prefer that they hire people with a strong background in the maintenance and installation of electrical and mechanical equipment.

People applying for this position may find the resume sample below interesting.



Electronic Repair Technician Resume Sample


Grant Herbert
35 Mill Road, Lake Providence, LA 24561 | (999) 999-9999, Email


A dynamic and tech-savvy individual with 13-plus-years experience working in a high volume mechanical and electronics environment. Extensive knowledge of standards governing quality control of electronic systems. Well versed with fault diagnosis and troubleshooting activities.

• Working knowledge of electronic and mechanical schematics and wire diagrams
• Familiar with electronic circuitry and theory
• Adept at organizing and streamlining electronics repairs in conjunction with predefined protocols
• A systematic approach to common electronics issues aimed at managing repairs in a time-efficient manner


Electronic Repair Technician
Tech USA, Lake Providence, LA | 2006 – Present
• Recommend changes in the design of present electrical systems thereby engendering improvements in manufacturability
• Improve the reliability of electronic equipment by implementing appropriate preventative maintenance measures
• Perform installation, repair and maintenance activities on electronic components and systems
• Manage field installations and preventative maintenance
• Perform troubleshooting and maintenance activities on electronic, mechanical and hydraulic systems
• Start up and shut down electronic equipment in accordance with the company’s procedures of safety
• Educate operators on the safe and appropriate use of electrical and mechanical equipment
• Provide technical troubleshooting assistance to maintenance personnel
• Maintain accurate logs of technical activities performed for reference purposes

Electronic Repair Technician
ABC Company
, Lake Providence, LA | 2004 – 2006
• Diagnosed a particularly tricky problem with an electrical system which had halted production procedures for 5 hours
• Wrote a manual on accepted safety procedures to be used as training material for apprentices
• Performed electrical wiring activities
• Tested functioning of electrical equipment
• Assisted in troubleshooting faulty equipment
• Repaired and calibrated electrical machinery
• Maintained inventory of supplies and equipment
• Managed the cleaning and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems

Associate’s Degree in Electronics
Atlantic College, Lake Providence, LA | 2003

• Familiar with surface mount technology
• Proficient in hole soldering
• Ability to read and interpret block diagrams
• Knowledge of operating oscilloscopes and multi-meters