Dialysis Technician Resume Example

Updated on: June 12, 2019

Many candidates applying for a dialysis technician position seek professional help for resume writing.

Building a winning resume for technical positions is usually a bit complicated.


How to Build a Dialysis Technician Resume?

Follow the guidelines below to make an effective resume:

You need a punchline

Same like any other document, an impressive opening is required for your resume. A power summary stating your key strengths is a must to top your resume.

What you want does not matter

The employer is not interested in your needs; they want to know what you offer.

Keywords and resume length matter

Include industry-specific keywords to optimize the document and keep it short.


Technical skills are the star

As the dialysis technician position is purely technical therefore make sure you highlight your technical skills first and foremost.

The WOW factor

Impress the reader by including some quantified accomplishments.

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Dialysis Technician Resume Sample


David Nelson
309 Lakeside Villas, Southlake, TX 93291
(008) 524-8547
[email protected]


Uniquely qualified dialysis technician with 6+ years of firsthand experience. Familiar with the AAMI standards and infection control protocols. Particularly effective in processing dialyzers for reuse.

• Decreased the repair and part replacement costs 30% by implementing effective preventive maintenance strategies
• Applied contemporary fluid reduction techniques based on the latest research, enhancing result effectiveness by 50%
• Identified and rectified a machine attachment error ingeniously saving a lot of repair cost
• Completed the HIPPA training with merit during the first 6 months on the job


• Hemo-dialysis
• Dialysate mixing
• Fluid removal
• Post-dialysis assessment
• Equipment setup
• Dialyzer priming
• Pressure control
• BLS / First aid
• Tube attachment
• Patient transportation
• Machine maintenance
• Blood flow monitoring


Dialysis Technician
SOUTHWEST HOSPITAL, Southlake, TX | 2010 – Present

• Setup equipment and run pre-dialysis tests on the patient
• Process dialyzer for reuse as per infection control protocols
• Transport patients to and from dialysis room
• Perform dialysis procedures
• Monitor and document post dialysis response

Dialysis Assistant
MERCY DUBUQUE, Southlake, TX | 2007 – 2010

• Performed preventive maintenance of the equipment and assisted in setting up the machine
• Prepared and transported the patients for dialysis
• Monitored and ensured optimum venous and arterial pressure in patients during the procedure


Certification in Dialysis Technology
RENAL INSTITUTE, Southlake, TX – 2007

ST. CHRISTOPHER’S SCHOOL, Southlake, TX – 2006

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