Daycare Teacher Assistant Resume Example

Updated on: November 4, 2015

Overview and Guidelines

Conventional and old fashioned resumes for daycare teacher assistant position reflect dull personalities. Employers prefer hiring dynamic and proactive candidates and dull resumes don’t do anything for them. Since the job marketplace is constantly evolving, the image of an “ideal resume” keeps transforming into something completely new, every now and then. It is a trend that is almost impossible to keep up with.

Catchy resume layouts and a short storytelling approach works every time. Remember the time when stating your accomplishments objectively was in? It isn’t anymore. Telling a story of how you came about to be such an accomplished individual is what sells now. Something like what is done in the following resume example for daycare teacher assistant position:


Daycare Teacher Assistant Resume Example


Norma Parker

364 Greysolon Road ● Duluth ● MN 18293 ● (999) 999-9999 ● normaparker @ email . com


Performance Profile: Self-directed, resourceful daycare teacher assistant with extensive experience in managing the needs of children from different backgrounds. Genuine interest in fostering students’ cognitive and social growth. Track record of assisting lead teachers with both short term and long term classroom activities in accordance with curriculum objectives. Focused on arranging classroom environment to effectively meet students’ social, educational, cognitive and emotional needs. Particularly effective in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for students, conducive to their success. Committed to encouraging students to constantly communicate with their peers and teachers to assist them in developing confidence. Bilingual: English/Spanish.


● Behavior Points Tracking ● Student Monitoring
● Material Development ● Student Assessment
● Development Facilitation ● Lesson Development Support
● Special Needs Assistance ● Class Instruction
● Records-keeping ● Activities-based Teaching Techniques
● Substitution ● Teaching Equipment Setup


ILEARN CENTER, Duluth, MN (6/2012 to Present)
Daycare Teacher Assistant
• Assist in preparing lessons according to specified daycare curriculum
• Provide support in imparting instruction to young students to assist them with their physical, emotional and cognitive growth
• Provide physical support to small children by assisting them in washing their hands or partaking their food
• Monitor students to ensure that they are kept safe and happy and take heed at any signs of distress or discomfort
• Ascertain that the classroom is safe and free from all hazardous materials
• Develop and implement learning aids to teach students new concepts in a fun manner
• Assess each student’s capability and provide feedback to lead teacher so that lesson plans can be tweaked accordingly
• Observe students to determine signs of being abused at home and report any significant findings
• Assist students in and out of the school and ensure that they are safely handed over to parents at the end of the day

• Successfully incorporated 5 children with special needs into a regular classroom by employing exceptional skills in imparting special education instruction
• Developed and implemented a series of educational materials to assist in learning alphabets

LITTLE STEPS, Duluth, MN (1/2010 to 6/2012)
Childcare Aide
• Provided students with core instruction according to set curriculum
• Played with little children during their playtime and ensured that they are kept safe
• Assisted children in eating their food or those needing to use the facilities
• Changed diapers and ensured that formula milk is prepared and fed on time
• Ascertained that overall safety and cleanliness of the classroom and activities areas
• Accompanied students on recreational trips or outdoor activities and ensured their safety by keeping a constant watch on them

• Introduced a “no junk food policy” which encouraged 75% of the parents in sending healthy lunch boxes with their children
• Suggested and assisted in leading an activities-based initiative that focused on teaching children the basics of language and mathematics at the daycare level

DULUTH SCHOOL, Duluth, MN – 2009
High School Diploma