2 Daycare Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Samples

Updated on: November 21, 2019

In a daycare teacher assistant cover letter, your focus should be on what you can offer to a new employer. Show off your childcare skills and experience, as well as your ability to work in groups and individually.

Previous experience as a daycare teacher assistant will come in handy.


Build up your skills when writing a cover letter, mention exactly what makes you an excellent person to hire. Specifically, emphasize your ability to handle little children.

If you have worked in a similar capacity before, do not be shy in mentioning it. Focus on the following when writing a cover letter:

• Knowledge of preparing lessons for toddlers
• Ability to supervise children aged 0 to 10
• The capability of providing essential hygiene care
• Adeptness in cleaning and sanitizing areas where children play and sleep

See the sample below to get a better idea.



Daycare Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Example


Daisy Trevor
(000) 970-9874

November 21, 2019

Mr. James Dayton
Human Resources Manager
Aveanna Daycare Services
563 6th Street
Naples, FL 41983


Dear Mr. Dayton:

At the very instant I read your ad for a Daycare Teacher Assistant, everything clicked. The description of the job became one with my passion, and I knew the match between my skills and this job was perfect.

Owing to a pleasant personality, and a genuine love for children, I will fit right in. Specifically, I offer the following skills:

• Expert in developing and delivering curriculum, including lesson planning
• Adept at creating a positive learning environment for each child
• Proficient in developing strategies to guide positive children’s behavior
• Competent in building open communication with children and families
• Proficient in ensuring a clean and nurturing environment for children
• Proven ability to model excellent behavior to promote social skill and personal motivation

In addition to the above-mentioned skills, I am well-versed in effectively communicating with parents to provide them with progress updates. Besides, I am expert in performing a full-range of daycare duties including diaper changing, toilet training, and meal preparation.

Owing to a strong professional profile as a daycare teacher assistant, I will be an instant contributor. To further discuss this, I would like to meet with you soon.  Thank you for your time and consideration.




Daisy Trevor


Entry Level Daycare Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Lucia Feeble
325 Washington Heights
Pocatello, ID 25654
(000) 555-5555
Lucia @ email . com

November 29, 2019

Ms. Christina Haye
Westhall Daycare
4793 Mar Vista Drive
Pocatello, ID 28464


Dear Ms. Haye:

As an education enthusiast, my primary mission has always been to assist in the development of children from a very early age, which is why I opted to obtain training as a daycare teacher.

Upon completion of my training, I am now fully prepared to take on the responsibilities of a daycare teacher assistant at Westhall Daycare. If you refer to my qualifications, you will discover that I am competent to work at this position by virtue of the following traits:

• Well-versed in developing child-based early curriculum
• Deep understanding of incorporating it into daycare systems
• Focused on providing excellence in nurturing care through effective social, educational, cognitive and emotional development
• Proficient in handling behavioral disorders by employing knowledge of behavioral problems and management efficacy

As an individual with an exceptional ability to truly make a difference in young lives, I believe that I will be a true contributor to your daycare center. I will email you next Tuesday to follow-up on my job application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Lucia Feeble

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