Yoga Teacher Resume Sample

Updated: January 25, 2019

A yoga teacher’s resume will include information about the applicant’s knowledge of performing yoga exercises.

Since certification is very important, you need to include this information in your resume.

Prior experience of working with groups and individuals is also important.

As a yoga teacher, it is imperative that you highlight your accomplishments and competencies.

Through this information, a hiring manager will decide how well-suited you are for the position.




Yoga Teacher Resume Sample


Michelle Rider
54 Aspen Road, West Hartford, CT37827
(000) 999-2152


• 14+ years’ experience in developing exercise plans for groups, and individuals.
• Devised a customized yoga plan for a student, as a result, improved her posture which was deteriorated by arthritis.
• Implemented the concept of meditation in yoga, thereby, increased customer base/interest by 50%.
• Introduced a performance monitoring system, hence, decreased the number of complaints by students.
• Significantly improved students’ concentration, through the implementation of breathing exercises.

Certified Yoga Instructor
Yoga Life Institute, West Hartford, CT – 2017


Yoga Teacher
Life Time, West Hartford, CT | 2012-present
• Confer with clients in order to decipher their requirements.
• Create customized yoga plans for each client.
• Check clients’ fitness levels.
• Design and impart instructions.
• Create schedules for group classes.
• Demonstrate yoga poses in order to help clients understand what to follow.
• Evaluate exercise performed by clients, and correct their techniques.
• Inform clients of different breathing patterns.
• Offer adjustments and training recommendations.
• Advise on lifestyle changes, such as diets and exercise routines.
• Modify each client’s yoga programs according to his or her changing requirements.
• Perform, as well as lead stretching exercise programs.

Yoga Instructor
Fitness for Life, West Hartford, CT | 2005-2012
• Checked client’s forms during yoga sessions.
• Demonstrated the right way of holding positions.
• Assisted with adjustments and breathing exercises.
• Supported exercises performed by clients.
• Scheduled classes for groups and individual clients.
• Educated clients of different yoga forms, such as Hatha Yoga, Iyenger Yoga, and Bikram Yoga.

Bachelor’s in Physical Education
West Hartford College, West Hartford, CT


Formations Monitoring Customization
Classroom Culture Building Student Engagement One on One Teaching
Meditation Breathing Sessions Student Analysis
Performance Monitoring Recommendations Stretching Exercises

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