Yoga Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 26, 2019

Working as a yoga teacher is no small feat. In fact, it is downright difficult.

But the ability to perform difficult feats is what you need to prove to a hiring manager.

Developing a cover letter for yoga teacher position is not too difficult unless you lack skills. Remember that skills are what matter the most when working as a yoga teacher.

The cover letter is all about skills. However, the way they are placed in a cover letter is important as well.

Working as a yoga teacher means that you have to be well-versed in leading group classes to perform stretching and mental exercises.

Moreover, your knowledge of demonstrating yoga practice and technique must also be highlighted.

In a cover letter for yoga teacher resume, focus on your training in performing adjustments and offering training recommendations.

All this information will serve to convince hiring managers that you are the right person to go to.

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Yoga Teacher Cover Letter Sample

January 26, 2019

Mr. Harris Truman
Human Resources Manager
Fitness Pro
298 Junction Road
New Haven, CT27645

Dear Mr. Truman:

It will be a great pleasure to work as a yoga teacher at Fitness Pro, a fitness studio that I hold in high esteem. Upon inquiring about possible openings, I discovered that you are actively looking for a yoga teacher. I assure you that I possess the skills and experience to back me up.

I have worked as a yoga teacher at Max Fitness for 7 years. During this time, I have worked extensively in many areas, such as technique demonstration, and adjustments. Leading individuals and groups through various levels and types of yoga practice is my strong point. Working with clients with specific physical and emotional limitations is my niche.

Together with my knowledge of imparting yoga lessons, I am well-versed in guiding clients to pose in proper alignment. Providing hands-on adjustments is another area that I am well-versed in. Since I am aware of instructional limitations as far as physical demonstrations are concerned, I have developed a great sense of providing verbal cues. Also, I am trained in evaluating yoga exercises and regimes performed by clients, in order to ensure their efficacy.

It will be a pleasure to connect with you to provide you with a more profound view of my skills as a yoga teacher. I will contact you after five days to determine if you have a free slot to meet with me. If you need to reach me in the interim, please feel free to call me at (000) 999-6565.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Samantha Harold

Enc: (Resume)

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