Yoga Teacher Job Description for Resume

Updated: February 12, 2019

With more and more people now being highly aware of the benefits of yoga, yoga teachers are all the rage.

And if you are one, you may have a job waiting for you!

However, you will need to know what you have to do in order to be considered eligible for the job.

Before you build a yoga teacher resume, make sure that you know all that this work entails.

Typically, a yoga teacher teaches students meditation and exercise through yoga. He or she is trained in this area and is expected to help clients meet their specific fitness goals.

Most yoga classes are conducted in groups, but you may have to provide one on one classes as well. Creating curriculums, and leading clients through various levels and types of yoga are all in a day’s work for yoga teachers.

There are no formal education requirements to work as a yoga teacher. However, you do need to acquire certification.

As a yoga teacher, your main work will be to help clients achieve what they want in terms of fitness through yoga specifically.

Here is a list of duties for a yoga teacher:

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Yoga Teacher Job Description for Resume

• Confer with new clients in order to determine their specific fitness through yoga requirements.

• Check clients’ limitations by engaging them in conversation.

• Create lesson plans to meet the individual fitness requirements of each client.

• Lead group and individual classes.

• Demonstrate practice and technique, by showing clients the correct way to get into poses.

• Show clients how to manage to breathe, and provide tips for achieving spiritual wellness.

• Offer adjustments and training recommendations, by providing alternative poses.

• Monitor clients to ensure proper poses and breathing patterns.

• Develop and maintain professional relationships with clients in order to help them.

• Demonstrate yoga exercises and forms.

• Evaluate exercises performed by clients.

• Counsel clients on lifestyle changes and provide diet assistance.

• Design comprehensive yet safe yoga programs to meet the individual needs of all clients.

• Teach safe and effective exercises for all participants/clients.

• Deliver entertaining and exciting professional yoga classes to individuals.

• Connect with clients during classes in order to ensure their comfort and level of understanding.

• Respond to clients’ questions and problems related to breathing, forms, and poses.

• Ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of yoga spaces.

• Obtain feedback from clients in order to fortify or modify assigned yoga plans.

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