A motivation letter for a teaching position is somewhat different from a cover letter in the sense that it provides less information on a candidate’s skills and more on his suitability for the job.

The following is a sample motivation letter for a teaching job that will assist you in understanding what it entails.

Feel free to modify this sample as per your needs.



Teacher Motivation Letter Sample


2234 Green Street
Weaver Fort, OH 90222

April 28, 2017

Mr. Simon Manning
Ohio State University
883 E Cottage Dr
Weaver Fort, OH 77635


Dear Mr. Manning:

I would like to be considered for English Teacher position at the Ohio State University as my ambition is to impart language skills which I have a firm belief is a much needed.

I have just acquired my certification in English Teaching and would like to utilize my training and academic experience in teaching. During my certification, I have found that I am quite skilled in imparting information in a profound and detailed manner and possess the capacity to work with individualized curriculum. Aspiring to gain excellent experience and providing benefit of my commitment to excellence, I am confident that I will bring a high level of enthusiasm to this program.

As a focused and detail-oriented teacher, I’d like to meet with you in person to discuss this position in more detail. To follow-up, I will call you next week and will be available at (000) 321-1000 in the interim. Thank you for your time in consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.



Sally Field

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