Home Tutor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 13, 2018

Sometimes, writing cover letters can get on the nerves. Cover letter writing is not as uncomplicated as it once was. With so much competition, the race to the finish line is becoming more and more difficult.

A well-written Home Tutor cover letter provides a clean path to success where job applications are concerned.

If you want to obtain the job of your dreams, it is imperative that you write a cover letter that will do justice to your position in the job market.

The trouble with most cover letters is that they hardly ever do what they are supposed to. Most cover letters outline an individual’s prior experience, which is not all that interesting for hiring managers, who want to know what you are capable of doing in the future – and not necessarily what you have done in the past.

Your cover letter should be full of information of your skills, like the example given below:


Home Tutor Cover Letter Sample


January 13, 2018

Mr. Mark Jackson
Human Resource Manager
Education Inc.
29 Union Street
Manchester, NH 52029


Dear Mr. Jackson:

Education is the fundamental right of every individual, and I believe that those struggling to obtain one due to a limitation, or excess of information, require extra help which I can readily provide. As an experienced home tutor, I am known far and wide for my ability to handle a huge variety of subjects, at the elementary and high school levels. And I am sure that you will be proud to present my portfolio to students, once I become part of Education Inc.

Preparing students for difficult exams, and tests is my niche, as is the ability to assist them with their homework. Comprehending the intensity of pressure that students undergo where education is concerned, I have vowed to make things somewhat simpler for them, by assisting them in problem areas, and ensuring that they understand complex concepts with ease. Moreover, I am exceptionally talented when it comes to creating, researching, and obtaining curriculum and teaching tools, which suit each individual student’s specific needs.

Since I am an insightful individual, I make sure that my students are evaluated on a regular basis, and provided with extra assistance in subjects and subject areas, when required. I am positive that you too will agree that I have the capacity to reach out to students at different levels, once you have met with me in person. I will call you soon to set up an interview date and time, and can be reached at (000) 524-47574.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Dorothy Charles

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