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9 Substitute Paraprofessional Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell us about yourself? I am a certified and experienced paraprofessional, specializing in behavioral and mood-related disorders and learning disabilities. I have mostly worked in classroom settings and have developed excellent teacher and student facilitation skills. 2. Why did you choose this profession? My younger brother was dyslexic, and I saw him overcome his… Read More »

Top 4 Preschool Teacher Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

How to be successful in a preschool teacher assistant interview? You will possibly not miss out on another job opportunity if you follow the 5 instructions provided below: 1. Be prepared to answer the questions of the specific employer. You can do so by reading the Preschool Teacher Assistant job description properly and thoroughly.2. Do… Read More »

Top 4 Kindergarten Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

We have all been through the rigors of interviews. And most of them have been quite memorable, for lack of a better word. Memorable because we have either obtained a job through them. Both have had their perks. How? Well, if you have obtained a job through a successful interview, you have added to your… Read More »

Top 18 Teacher Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Interviews for teaching assistant positions may not be dedicated to learning grounds, but they do teach us a lot. A successful interview gets us the job – an unsuccessful one prepares us for the next one. A teacher assistant interview is a win-win shot! Being afraid of an impending interview is pointless. If you don’t get a… Read More »