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School Principal Cover Letter Sample

Cover letters for school principal positions can be written in different ways, sending as many messages to a hiring authority. The problem with not following a pattern is that they can often backfire, leaving the applicant with a lot of problems. Cover letters are always read before resumes are, and if your cover letter isn’t… Read More »

Principal Cover Letter Example

The main purpose of a cover letter is to provide a hiring manager with enough information for him to figure you out as a possible match to his requirements. Many of us make one big cover letter writing mistake – that is, reiterating the information that we have placed in a resume. A cover letter… Read More »

Principal Job Description for Resume

The head of any school is usually a principal who gets to call the shots. However, heading a school by ordering staff members around is not their only work. Principals are responsible for a lot of important decision-making within a school. It is their job to make sure that the school is run tightly by… Read More »