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Tractor-Trailer Driver Job Description and Duties

Tractor-Trailer Driver Job Description Tractor-trailer drivers drive tractor-trailers from the point of origin to the destination to deliver goods. By far, this is the most inexpensive method of transporting materials and goods which is why it is widely used. They are required to chart out the best possible routes to their destinations and are responsible… Read More »

Truck Driver Job Description and Duties for Resume

Truck Driver Job Description Truck drivers drive different types of trucks and heavy vehicles to make deliveries, dump chemicals, and waste and transporting materials from one place to another. Not only these professionals drive trucks, but also there is a whole lot more to this position as truck drivers are expected to manage other duties… Read More »

Pizza Delivery Driver Job Description and Duties for Resume [+Skills]

Pizza Delivery Driver Job Description A pizza delivery driver distributes pizzas and related products by driving a vehicle, often a light truck, van, car, or bike. They pick up pizzas from the franchise, load pizza containers, and deliver pizza once they reach their destination. Pizza delivery drivers must be familiar with the routes and shortcuts… Read More »