Convenience Store Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: March 8, 2020

Convenience store supervisors hold an important job, as they have to monitor store staff and ensure customer satisfaction too.

Hence, interviewing them is quite a task for hiring managers.

Usually, an interview designed for this position is quite tough to ace, as the interviewer needs to hire the best.

During the interview process for a convenience store supervisor position, you will be asked questions about your management style and knowledge of store functions.

You will also be tested on your ability to lead and train store staff, which is why your leadership qualities should be highlighted when asked such questions.

Typically, you may be asked the following questions at the interview:

Convenience Store Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me about yourself.

I started my career as a store representative in a small convenience store some years ago. Due to my dedication and hard work, I quickly made my way up to a store supervisor’s position, where I have been working for quite some time. I love working in challenging environments, which is why I thrive as a convenience store supervisor.

2. What duties have you performed in the role of a convenience store supervisor?

I have performed a huge array of duties such as overseeing merchandising work, promoting a positive image of the store, and remaining knowledgeable about store policies. In addition, I have been providing supervision and leadership for convenience store staff members and completing performance evaluations as well. Moreover, my work has involved ensuring total customer satisfaction, aimed at repeat business opportunities. Also, I have been busy handling the overall functionality and operations of a busy convenience store.

3. Tell us something about your skills.

I am a highly-skilled individual in many areas of convenience store management. I possess excellent knowledge of running a successful convenience store. Besides, I am competent in leading store staff to perform their best and ensure customer satisfaction continuously. Also, I am experienced in creating and maintaining effective liaison with vendors and suppliers, in order to ensure timely product deliveries.

4. What is your leadership style?

I know exactly when I need to lead by example, and when to let my staff do their thing. My leadership style is always in conformance to the need of the hour.

5. How do you stay motivated at your job?

I have a wonderful team working for me. Their work and my own contribution to their training keep me in a constant state of motivation.

6. How do you stay motivated when you have to work with new teams?

The fact that I will have a hand in perfecting their work is sufficient motivation for me.

7. What do you know about marketing?

I hold a degree in business, with a major in marketing. I know how to create marketing and outreach programs to ensure increased business opportunities. And I am also aware of performing visual merchandising work, amongst other duties.

8. How do you handle adverse situations?

I am an extremely calm individual who does not react to altercations or adverse situations. My mantra is to determine what is going wrong and then resolve it with peace.

9. What is your greatest strength?

My greatest strength is my ability to handle many tasks at the same time, without compromising on the end-results of any of them.

10. What is your greatest weakness?

Sometimes I feel that I am too lenient with staff, which makes them quite laid back. However, I am learning to be a little stricter so that they understand their responsibilities, and work accordingly.

11. What is the worst challenge that you have seen while working as a convenience store supervisor?

The most challenging thing that I have done while working in this position is to keep a store open when it was obviously going down the drain. The owners were not interested in investing in its maintenance, and customers did not want to shop in a rundown store. I managed to keep it open for 6 months, after which we had no choice but to close it down.

12. How did you feel about a store closing down that you were working for?

It was quite an emotional moment for me, as I had worked there for many years. However, I figured that there was another convenience store that may be looking for someone to keep it above waters. And I was not wrong!

13. How do you resolve conflicts between employees?

My method is simple – I tell them that my store is no place for them to take their anger out on one another. I have a completely no-nonsense policy where conflicts are concerned.

14. Tell us of a tough decision that you had to make in the recent past.

Quite recently, I had to decide to break a vendor’s contract because he was a little more expensive than a new one that the store owner had suggested. It was a hard decision because I had been working with him for a long time. However, in the best interest of the store, I had no choice but to let him go.

15. Why do you want to work for our convenience store particularly?

I have visited your convenience store for years, and have found that your work processes are amazing. I would love to work for such an organization so that I can contribute and learn from you.

16. What would you do if a shift was understaffed?

I have come across many instances where understaffing was evident. I am always prepared for it, as I cross-train my employees so that they can work in different roles. And if we still remain understaffed, I help out as much as possible.

17. When can you join us if you are selected?

I can join as soon as my notice period is up with my present employment place.

18. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

At the moment, I am concentrating on learning more about retail. My next step is to work for a retail giant.

19. Do you have any questions for me?

I would love to know more about the size of your teams and how you train and motivate them.

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