Student interns who wish to apply for temporary positions often find it hard to take the first step when writing a cover letter.

This is not surprising as writing a first cover letter is often an extremely daunting task.

Look at a sample student intern cover letter in order to be able to understand this better.


Student Intern Cover Letter Sample


77 Berwick Avenue
Sanford, ME 99999

April 24, 2016

Ms. Susan Walker
Manager HR
Sanford Youth Services
66 Rousseau Street
Sanford, ME 88898


Dear Ms. Walker:

I was intrigued to find the position of a Youth Counselor Intern on the Sanford Youth Services website. I am presently studying to be a criminal psychologist at the Sanford University and am very interested in working with high risk adolescents in order to obtain on the job training and skills for a future in this career. I am confident that my educational background and summer work experience at the local prison has prepared me well for this position.

The nature of my degree has provided me exposure to both child and adolescent development and issues pertaining to them especially in multicultural environments. I have a demonstrated ability to speak and understand both English and Spanish fluently and able to assist with managing people from diverse language and cultural backgrounds.

I have enclosed my resume for your review and would like to discuss my qualifications with you in person for which I will call you after two weeks to set an appointment. Thank you for your time. I look forward to meeting you soon!


Truly Yours,

Lisa Hagard

Enc. Resume