Specimen Processing Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated: September 28, 2021

Writing a cover letter takes no time – unless you want to write a standout cover letter.

Since it is a fundamental need of all employers to hire the best employee, a standout cover letter goes a long way in making this dream come true.

Working on your Specimen Processing Specialist cover letter content with significant focus and care will eventually lead both your job application documents (cover letter and resume) straight to the hiring manager’s desk.

Lack of doing so might result in them ending up in the dustbin before they have a chance to be reviewed by a hiring authority.

The choice is yours to make. If you want to bag that job for which you have been waiting for forever, it is in your hands how you make this happen.

Focusing on your excellent points – qualifications and skills – will lead your cover letter (and the accompanying resume) to success.

Below is a sample for you to take ideas from:

Specimen Processing Specialist Cover Letter Example

Sarol Scott
(000) 475-4521
scrol @ email . com

September 28, 2021

Mr. Jason Robinson
Human Resource Manager
Exact Sciences
725 Belmont Avenue
East Providence, RI 02914

Dear Mr. Robinson:

I am highly interested in applying for the position of specimen processing specialist, a role that I feel confident I can excel, owing to extensive expertise and experience in processing specimens.

Efficiently receiving, processing, unloading, and unpacking specimens safely and diligently, and efficiently determining if samples meet laboratory standards are where my core strengths lie. Preparing and processing specimens for testing purposes, and performing a wide variety of tests on them to determine diseases and conditions is my niche as well.

My present place of employment has recently acquired a complex set of specimen testing equipment, which is an amalgamation of autoclaves and centrifuge equipment, and I have been trained extensively on it – I am positive that training me to use testing equipment will not be a challenging event for you, as I am highly responsive to training sessions, even if they are quite intense. Moreover, my reporting skills are exceptional, and I am sure that you too will agree once you see my particular for performing laboratory tests, and writing and submitting correlating reports.

In anticipation of building upon the information in this letter, I will call you soon to set up a meeting date and time. Please refer to the enclosed resume for details on my experience and qualifications.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Sarol Scott

(000) 475-4521