Material Specialist Resume Sample

Updated January 20, 2021
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There is no way that you can obtain a material specialist position unless your resume is well-developed.

It is important to pay special attention to create a resume that is high quality is important. Equally important is to place the right information.

As a material specialist, you will be performing many duties, such as conferring with department heads to figure out their material requirements. All this information needs to go into the resume.

But you must never concentrate on just experience.

In fact, there should be a great focus on how good you are in acquiring materials for each project.

For a material specialist position, the following resume sample can be looked at for reference:

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Sample Resume for Material Specialist Position

Kate Plath
650 Mail Road, Rock Hill, SC54255
(000) 999-9999


• 7+ years of hands-on experience as a material specialist.
• Implemented a unique material movement system, as a result, decreased material damage by 65%.
• Introduced an inventory management system, hence, reduced stock level issues.
• Successfully implemented a material flow oversight program, significantly reducing wastage.
• Improved stock safety of 50%, by constantly monitoring inbound and outbound stock movement.


Material Specialist
Warn Industries, Rock Hill, SC
2014 – present
• Discuss material requirements with department heads.
• Provide cost estimates.
• Arrange for materials such as coal, steel, and metal to be acquired.
• Contact vendors and suppliers in order to acquire materials.
• Provide information regarding needed materials.
• Ensure
• Oversee the movement of materials from vendor to work areas.
• Provide department heads with information on delivery timelines.
• Ensure that any low-quality materials are isolated.
• Monitor the time phasing of material allocations.
• Recommend substitutes for materials not available in the market.
• Dispose of unused construction materials.

Material Handler
KYH Technical Center, Rock Hill, SC
2011 – 2014
• Obtained orders to acquire materials.
• Created and maintained effective liaison with vendors in order to acquire materials.
• Ensured that materials were of good quality.
• Moved materials from warehouses to construction work areas.
• Handled issues such as late deliveries and non-conformance according to protocols.

Graduated in 2010
Rock Hill High School, Rock Hill, RI


  • Needs Assessment
  • Material Acquisition
  • Supplier Relations
  • Inventory Management
  • Obsolete Material Reduction
  • Raw Material Movement
  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Cost Management
  • Flow Oversight
  • Stock Safety
  • Inspection
  • Authorization Obtainment

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