Learning Specialist Resume Sample

Updated March 28, 2019

Learning Specialist Resume Writing Tips

A learning specialist resume needs to include information regarding the individual’s ability to help students meet their individual learning goals.

The resume should also highlight the ability to work with teachers so that they can impart education properly.


Typically, a learning specialist resume must focus on how well you can handle the many challenges associated with this work.

And you have to show how qualified you are in all aspects of the work.




Here is a sample to help you along:

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Learning Specialist Resume Sample


Thomas Freeman
(000) 298-2587
[email protected]
233 Keene Road, Dothan, AL 09288


Learning specialist with 10+ years of solid track record of working with students, teachers and other staff members to create strategies that endorse a solid chance of academic success.


Academic Intervention

Habit Addressing

Effective Studying Methods

Positive Relationship Building

Student Progress

Mentorship Program Development

Faculty Training

Teaching Methodologies

Strategies Intervention

Higher Education Research

Collaboration Encouragement

Course Development


  • Implemented a unique mentorship program, as a result, increased student interest in academic programs.
  • Significantly improved student progress, owing to well-placed relationship building programs.
  • Introduced effective studying methods, hence increased student participation by 35%.
  • Trained teachers to impart education, thereby, increased teaching effectiveness by 75%.


Learning Specialist
Charles Smith Day School, Dothan, AL | 2013-Present

  • Confer with teachers in order to determine their teaching strengths.
  • Prepare student education plans in sync with parents and IEP team members.
  • Develop, improves, and implements faculty instructional effectiveness assessment programs.
  • Ensure delivery of comprehensive lesson plans.
  • Identify, facilitate, and assist students who learn differently.
  • Monitor student progress continuously.
  • Supplement and extend classroom instruction for individual and small groups of students in different subject areas.
  • Plan and deliver professional teacher training programs.
  • Orient and adjust course curriculum according to the specific needs of each student.
  • Work with grade level teachers in order to provide coaching and support for differentiation in the classroom.

Learning Assistant
Basis Education, Dothan, AL | 2007-2013

  • Worked collaboratively with grade level teachers to provide coaching and support for differentiation in the classroom.
  • Gathered learning impact data and created reports.
  • Handled needs assessments and gave recommendations to business goals.
  • Assisted in developing and implementing learning plans and strategies.
  • Provided individual and small-group support to students.
  • Assessed student progress and achievement on a regular basis.
  • Developed and maintained communication and documentation protocols in sync with learning support.

Master’s Degree in Education
Alabama State University, Dothan, AL


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