Financial Services Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: August 16, 2018

It is no myth that impending Financial Services Specialist interviews are a source of worry for many applicants.

But there is a way around it.

Go through the following set of interview questions and answers to prepare:



Financial Services Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

How do you feel about working in an environment that poses challenges on a daily basis?
I have always thrived in a challenging environment. It is when I am not professionally challenged that I feel that work is not up to my standards!

What have been your duties in the role of a financial services specialist in your current position?
As a financial services specialist, I have been actively engaging clients in conversation to determine their specific business goals and requirements. Also, my work involves educating both existing and new clients about available financial services and their benefits, and have been proactively handling clients’ accounts to ensure that services are provided promptly. In addition to this, my work includes providing professional case management services, referring clients to specific external services, processing a variety of routine and complex transactions, and providing organizations with information on financial risk management issues.

What skills does one need to work as a financial services specialist in a successful manner?
Knowledge of financial services administration is right at the top. Apart from this, exceptional communication skills are required so that clients’ specific financial goals and objectives are met, and so that one can understand how to respond to inquiries. Moreover, it is essential to be able to educate clients on policies and procedures and communicate eligibility information to them. In addition to this, one needs to possess the ability to tailor the features and benefits of each financial product and service to the specific needs of each client.

What do you find most difficult about working in the financial services industry?
The work is somewhat complicated, but not difficult per se. However, it can be a bit challenging to match clients’ requirements exactly the way they want them matched.

What do you do to overcome this issue?
The good thing about most financial services is that they can be tweaked to come as close as possible to what a client needs. And I try my best to make a good match.

What is your 5-year professional aim?
Over the next 5 years, I hope to have learned enough about financial services provision to be able to climb the ladder to a financial services director position.