Financial Services Specialist Resume Sample

Updated: August 16, 2018

Thinking of building a career as a financial services specialist?

Do you have all the information about this position?

Even if your answer is a big resounding yes, keep reading, as we are sure that you will benefit highly from the information provided here.

A financial services specialist is an individual who provides assigned clients with services to meet their specific business needs. These people work in banks, and financial services organizations, depending on their particular placement.

Working as a financial services specialist can be quite challenging. But it is this challenge that will take you to great heights.

Writing a Financial Services Specialist resume is something that everyone has to do, but it isn’t something that everyone can do quickly.

The following resume sample will help you write your own:


Financial Services Specialist Resume Example



Carl Mason
589 Hall Road, Fresno, CA27638
(000) 999-9999


Top performing Financial Services Specialist with 15+ years’ extensive experience in acquiring, managing, and retaining meaningful relationships with clients, by using consultative sales and service approach to fulfill their financial requirements proactively. Competent in managing existing clients and prospects by meeting with them, and providing information about available services.

✓ Simultaneously handled 9 accounts, providing well-balanced services to all of them at the same time.
✓ Implemented a novel billing procedure, which proved to be 65% more efficient than the one already in place.
✓ Reconciled a particularly difficult to handle entry, post working on it for 6 days.
✓ Trained over 50 people in providing high-quality financial services to clients at level 1.


✓ Client Liaison ✓ Billing Process Handling ✓ Research
✓ Reconciliation ✓ Contracts Management ✓ Activities Optimization
✓ Staff Training ✓ Service Request Response ✓ Account Maintenance
✓ Complain Resolution ✓ Data Processing ✓ Request Management


Financial Services Specialist
Dominion National, Fresno, CA | 2010-present
• Interview clients to determine their financial management goals, and provide them with services and products being offered.
• Assess clients’ financial backbones and requirements, to determine the type of financial services they require.
• Provide recommendations for both short and long-term invention options, providing suggestions for what suits clients best.
• Recommend asset selection strategies, after determining clients’ investment goals.
• Create, develop, and implement corrective financial action plans as per procedure.
• Prepare budgets and cost reports for the management, and ensure that they are properly analyzed.
• Identify investment opportunities in correlation with clients’ specific goals.
• Create and develop forecast models, based on both current, and past financial results.

Financial Services Representative
Horizon Credit Union, Fresno, CA | 2003-2010
• Determined sales opportunities from existing clients, and provided them with correlating information regarding available services.
• Participate in referral programs, aimed at closing deals with existing and new clients.
• Provided core financial services information to clients, based on their specific requirements.
• Followed up with prospective clients to determine their interest, or in a “thank you” capacity.
• Created and maintained existing and new clients’ information accurately and confidentially.

California State University, Fresno, CA | 2000
Bachelor’s Degree in Finance



Financial Services Specialist Qualifications

To be considered eligible to work as a financial services specialist, you have to possess a degree in finance or accounting at the very least.

Prior experience is necessary, as it will help you work profoundly. If you have worked as a financial service representative for some time, you may be considered eligible to work as a specialist in your next job.

But experience and academic qualifications are not the only things that one needs to possess when working as a financial services specialist. It is imperative to be an exceptional communicator, and maintain the ability to talk to (and convince) clients who hail from different backgrounds. Outstanding knowledge of various financial models available and their pros and cons is also required if this is the work that you want to do.

Financial Services Specialist Job Description

• Engage prospective and existing clients in conversation to determine their specific financial goals and objectives.
• Provide clients with information on available services, and how they can help them meet their financial targets.
• Assess clients’ financial backbones, and determine the right type of services that will be best for them.
• Provide recommendations for investments by strategizing asset selections for each assigned client.
• Oversee clients’ accounts and ensure that there are no discrepancies or problems associated with them.
• Handle discrepancies by ensuring that reconciliation is performed in an accurate and timely manner.
• Develop financial models for clients, and identify investment opportunities for them, both internally, and externally.
• Provide feedback during regular audits, and recommend corrective action plans, according to the procedure.
• Research, collect, and resolve past due balances for assigned portfolios, ensuring that any issues are highlighted and resolved immediately.
• Educate clients on the company’s policies regarding financial services, and provide alternative delivery methods and channels of investments.