Emergency Management Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: August 1, 2021

Emergency Management Specialist Resumes are all about mentioning your competencies, experience, education, and skills.

You may be extremely competent and highly educated, but, if it doesn’t show up on your resume, your job application might be rejected.

Where core resumes are concerned, everything needs to be put in – this includes all competencies, skills, and experiences. You can then move on to spin a targeted resume by picking and choosing the ones that suit your cause best.

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Here is a targeted resume for an emergency management specialist position for your reference:

Emergency Management Specialist Resume Sample

Anthony Cooper
445 Elkcam Road, Marco Island, FL 09878 
(000) 474-1412
anthonycooper @ email . com


Public safety professional with 11+ years of experience in collaborating with emergency personnel to coordinate disaster response and crises management activities in the event of adverse occasions such as natural or manmade disasters. Carefully and articulately inspect facilities and equipment used in emergency management centers to ensure that they function properly. Designed and implemented safety development plans and reports with a special focus on the viability of each plan.


Emergency Management Specialist
Department of Homeland Security, Marco Island, FL
• Implemented 1200 outreach programs for 5 years to raise awareness of potential risks and immediate ways of handling them.
• Saved an entire office (87) people from impending disaster by quickly evacuating them from the premises before the onset of a flood.
• Devise safety development plans in a bid to deal with natural or manmade disasters.
• Provide consultancy to businesses in regards to functional steadiness during emergencies.
• Analyze and plan for potential risks by performing risk assessment tasks to ward off dangers associated with infection outbreaks and disasters.
• Prepare safety exercises and drills and execute practice drills to prepare personnel for actual events.

Emergency Management Specialist
AA Company, Marco Island, FL 
• Introduced special programs for people with special needs, targeted at easy evacuation in case of emergencies.
• Devised a foolproof risk assessment plan, which covered every area of the potential risk to employees, including disease and natural and manmade disasters.
• Analyzed potential risks including outbreaks of infections or technical failure.
• Conducted safety exercises and drills to ensure complete preparation in case of adverse events taking place.

Emergency Management Officer
ICF International, Marco Island, FL
• Assisted in creating and implementing emergency preparedness policies and programs.
• Provided training support to personnel regarding handling both natural disasters and manmade ones.
• Prepared and conducted safety exercises such as drills and ensured that each individual employee understands policies regarding safety evacuation.
• Created and maintained effective professional relationships with the police and fire departments to ensure the delivery of appropriate and prompt emergency services.
• Documented all emergency preparedness activities and assisted in creating informational booklets regarding suggestions.

Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety
Florida State University, Marco Island, FL | 2002

• Risk Assessment • Potential Risk Mitigation
• Emergency Response • Awareness Raising
• Outreach • Policy Development
• Crises Management • Facilities Inspection