Emergency Management Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: March 11, 2022

In the current job market, where everyone is speeding to get the job that you have your eyes on, your own speed counts for a lot.

Most job applications are accepted between 24 to 72 hours so it’s important to just get out there and do what you have to way before the deadline.

The resume should be your main concern – a format that will make the employer pick and choose yours from a dozen others is important.

Sample ahead!

Emergency Management Coordinator Resume Example

Jennifer Logan
4460 Thornhill Drive
Newark, DE 44665
(000) 142-1478n
jennlog @ email . com


Top-performing emergency management professional with a 14-plus-years track record of coordinating disaster response and crises management activities including order evacuations and implementing special needs plans. A critical thinker who has great attention to detail, along with an enterprising personality. Deep insight into ensuring seamless coordination of all emergency services within a large organization.
Competent in:
• Collaborating with other professionals to prepare and analyze damage assessments.
• Designing and administering emergency preparedness training modules to teach people how to effectively respond to major disasters.
• Developing and performing tests and evaluations of emergency management plans.

• Public Safety Strategies
• Emergency Management Principles
• Response and Recovery Efforts
• Disaster Response
• Emergencies Protection
• Data Reporting Schedules
• Responder Roles Development
• Incident-specific Planning
• Critical Incidents Management

• Collaborated with an external emergency management agency, resulting in increased efficiency in internal emergency procedures.
• Implemented applicable maps in support of both daily and response operations which proved essential in planning disaster management activities.
• Wrote a communications strategy for public safety professionals, which resulted in an increased number of professionals understanding the importance of safety.
• Trained over 45 professionals in decision management in critical incidents.


Emergency Management Coordinator
Health and Human Services, Newark, DE
6/2016 – Present
• Coordinate, develop, and implement core emergency management plans and strategies.
• Provide ongoing maintenance of internal emergency policies, procedures, and protocols for all employees.
• Develop and facilitate emergency management training for professionals based on company policies.
• Create and implement emergency preparedness programs across all departments.
• Participate in identifying and eliminating workplace hazards.

Emergency Management Coordinator
TBV Co, Newark, DE
5/2014 – 6/2016
• Promoted and maintained the organization’s public alert and warning systems.
• Assisted in the development of emergency management exercises.
• Conducted audits to ensure safe work practices.
• Performed root cause analysis on accidents and incidents and ensured that they were appropriately covered so that they do not transpire again.
• Developed and coordinated emergency response and disaster drills and events on a regular basis.

Emergency Preparedness Officer
Technological Advancement, Newark, DE
2/2008 – 5/2014
• Conducted emergency preparedness activities to ensure a safe and secure environment for all employees.
• Assisted with the coordination of emergency drills and response training for security purposes.
• Implemented safety programs and activities, such as occupational safety and fire and hazardous materials management program.
• Monitored all emergency management personnel and processes to ensure constant compliance to standards and regulations.
• Maintained documentation on emergency preparedness and management processes in accordance to company policies.

Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management 
Delaware State University, Newark, DE