Emergency Management Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 31, 2016

Starting your cover letter with a short quote that reflects the employer’s values or policies is a great way of catching their eye. You can reword portions of the employer’s mission statement and work these phrases into your letter as you describe your skills, work ethics and values.

What else helps? Well, knockout opening statements and action closes will make sure that your cover letter reaches even the most unreachable of hiring managers. Enticing the employer’s reading interest should be the first goal of a cover letter. Research into what the employer is looking for in an employee and then dress your cover letter to impress him. Energized openings work so well. Dull and boring ones don’t. Using a narrative hook to attract the reader’s attention is what will get you to the next step – the interview. If the hiring manager is impressed with how you communicate your abilities and qualifications, he or she will definitely ask to meet you. Mission accomplished!

But remember that only the best cover letters are given any consideration – and competition is fierce. Whether you choose to use a thematic hook opening or write simply, your cover letter should be interesting. Here is one as an example:


Emergency Management Coordinator Cover Letter Sample


985 West Street
Ocean View, DE 41755

August 31, 2016

Mr. Ian Willoughby
Hiring Manager
Reverb Nation Inc.
9963 Scissorbill Road
Ocean View, DE 45700


Dear Mr. Willoughby:

Creating and implementing emergency management strategies and procedures is no child’s play. It requires consummate skills in emergency planning, public safety and decision management in critical incidents. You will be happy to know that I do not only possess these skills but also have deep insight into coordinating disaster response and crises management activities, in cases of natural and man-made calamities.

If you refer to the following (not all inclusive) list of my skills and abilities, I am positive that you will have no qualms in hiring me as an emergency management coordinator at Reverb Nation Inc.:

• Documented success in preparing and analyzing damage assessments following workplace disasters and emergencies.
• Highly experienced in coordinating disaster response and crises management activities such as evacuations, and implementing special needs plans.
• First-hand experience in developing and implanting plans and strategic and operational procedures and protocols to execute emergency management functions.

Identifying potential risks and minimizing harm to company personnel is my forte. If you meet with me in person, I will be able to provide you with a deeper insight into what I am capable of. I will call you in a week to see if we can arrange a meeting. You can reach me in the meantime at (000) 125-7454.



Joshua Herbert