Special Needs Teaching Assistant Resume Example

Updated on: June 9, 2016

Handling your resume content well is the key to successfully gaining an interview. Your resume actually decides what type of questions you will be asked at an interview, so you must make sure that you create a resume that will eventually work in your favor.

Do not write anything that you cannot explain later – even a little exaggeration may become quite a problem for you if you cannot explain it in detail at the interview.

The following resume for Special Needs Teaching Assistant position will help you make you build an employer-friendly resume.


Special Needs Teaching Assistant Resume Sample


Clara Murphy

632 2nd Avenue NW ● Bradenton, FL 22589 ● (000) 999-1421 ● claramurph @ email . com


Professional Summary: Highly effective Teaching Assistant with extensive experience in handling the needs of students with special needs. Self-directed, resourceful and enthusiastic with a genuine interest I fostering students’ cognitive and social growth by placing special emphasis on assisting them with their limitations. Effectively assists lead teacher with planning programs of study to meet the individual needs of special students. Recognized for creating a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the individual maturity level of each student.

Core Competencies

• Autism and ADHD • Activities-based Teaching Methodologies
• Resources Management • Work Assessments
• Sign Language • Short-term Learning Difficulties Management
• Records-keeping • Behavior Management
• Emergency Response • Braille Teaching
• Language Therapy Assistance • Special Needs Identification

• Successfully placed a child initially enrolled in a special needs class by determining that he was simply shortsighted, into a regular education program.
• Introduced simple sign language to the facility, making it easy for the staff to communicate with students who had hearing and speaking problems.
• Implemented a series of activities-based teaching programs, resulting in a massive increase in students’ interest in educational concepts.
• Identified a student’s inability to communicate as a speech problem, as opposed to him initially being diagnosed as autistic.


North Street School for Special Children, Bradenton, FL (11/2013 – Present)
Special Needs Teaching Assistant

• Provide support to the lead teacher in developing lesson plans appropriate to the individual needs of the student population
• Assist in implementing lessons by working with each student in an attentive manner
• Attend to the physical needs of students including assistance with mobility and toileting
• Oversee students to ensure that no harm comes to them and report any untoward happenings to the lead teacher
• Maintain student behavior within the classroom to ensure an environment conducive to learning

City Community School, Bradenton, FL (5/2010 – 11/2013)
Special Needs Teaching Assistant

• Encouraged students to set and maintain high standards of achievement while comprehending and attending to their disabilities
• Employed a variety of instructional techniques to assist students in grasping concepts taught in class
• Observed students for signs of distress or physical ailments and ensured that their needs are immediately addressed
• Assisted students in grasping concepts taught in class by providing them with support in using Braille and hearing aids
• Created resources and materials to aid in teaching concepts in class
• Oversaw students’ activities in playgrounds and during lunch hours to ensure their comfort and wellbeing

Learning Stars, Bradenton, FL (1/2008 – 5/2010)
Teacher Assistant

• Assisted in creating and implementing lesson plans according to set curriculums
• Provided teaching assistance by researching for and developing teaching aids
• Oversaw students during class and break time to ensure that they follow the school’s rules for behavior and decorum
• Administered tests and assignments and assisted in checking and grading them
• Created and maintained records of all students in an accurate and confidential manner

Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education – 2009
Florida State University, Bradenton, FL