Dog Caretaker Resume Sample

Updated on: September 15, 2019

Dod Caretaker Resume Page ImageAre you applying for a job as a dog caretaker?

Well, you will have to make sure that your resume is perfectly written.


Working as a dog caretaker is a lot of hard work.

Convincing the hiring manager that you are up for it (through the resume) is as hard.

Your experience in looking after animals, particularly the canine variety must be highlighted in your resume.

Additionally, you must ensure that your resume tells a hiring manager that you are the best out of the many people who have applied for this position.



Here is a sample resume for a dog caretaker position:

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Dog Caretaker Resume Sample


Judith Ralph
41 Dotted Street, Dover, DE57612
(000) 201-7845


Top-performing dog catetaker with a solid track record of providing one on one care to animals. Demonstrated expertise in ensuring the physical and emotional wellbeing of canines. Known to follow instructions exactly in order to provide care to assigned dogs.


• Feeding and Watering
• Exercise Regimens
• Dog Monitoring
• Information Recording
• Inventory Management
• One on One Care
• Cage Repair
• Emergency Handling
• Medication Administration
• Behavior Issues Management

• Implemented a dog care system that was considered 55% more efficient than the previous one.
• Recognized early signs of distress in 2 dogs; as a result, saved their lives through quick action.
• Introduced a unique supplies inventory management system, hence, increased efficiency by 80%.
• Devised a medicine administration system, aimed at ensuring dog comfort throughout the process.


Dog Caretaker
Canines Inc., Dover, DE | 2018-present

• Greet dogs and their owners and provide information regarding the facility’s services
• Engage dogs in friendly play in order to make them comfortable
• Ensure that assigned dogs are properly and comfortably housed
• Provide food and water to assigned dogs
• Follow exercise regimes set by owners or supervisors
• Administer medication as and when required
• Perform wound care on dogs that are injured or have been operated on
• Bathe and groom assigned canines
• Keep records of feeding and exercising schedules

Dog Sitter
Bow Wow Camp, Dover, DE | 2017-2018

• Cleaned and sanitized assigned cages and housing areas
• Bathed and groomed dogs
• Lifted and moved pets and as when required
• Checked for signs of disease or injury
• Monitored dogs in order to determine incidents of distress

High School Diploma
Dover High School, Dover, DE – 2019

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