Many dog owners do not have time to walk and care for their dogs due to busy work schedules. They hire pet sitters / dog walkers to get assistance in this regard.

A dog walker needs to be dependable and good with animals especially dogs and should know exactly how to go about looking after their wards.

Here is an example of a dog walker resume that will help you build a targeted resume.

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Dog Walker Resume Sample


Ronald Hartley

77 County Road 25, Herman, NE 52117
(900) 999-9119, Email

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as a Dog Walker with Loyalty Pet Care utilizing inborn love for animals and the acumen for managing their everyday exercise needs.

• Worked as a part-time Dog Walker for Green Paws for 3 years
• Eager to walk multiple dogs simultaneously
• Known for fully utilizing time and providing exercise to each dog
• Hands-on experience in commanding obedience in accordance to preset rules of language
• Familiar with healthcare issues and vaccination of dogs

• Possess a strong passion for animals
• Familiar with basic training commands
• Knowledge of dog grooming and health assessment
• Physically capable of walking 7 hours a day
• Excellent communication and organizational skills
• Experience using PetExec

• Adapted dogs from three different species together by providing obedience training.
• Conducted three workshops on Dog Management Techniques bringing in 72 participants.


Dog Walker

Green Paws – Herman, NE                                          11/2012 – Present

• Walk dogs for the prescribed amount of time
• Play with dogs following instructions for exercise
• Dispose of waste on the trail
• Clean backyard of the facility and organize it
• Ensure the dogs are in their kennels or are returned to the rightful owners
• Refill water and food
• Apply flea and tick treatments as and when necessary
• Answer calls at the facility
• Record route and dogs’ names in files

High School Diploma – 2007