Dog Walker Resume Example [+Job Description]

Updated on: January 31, 2023

Many dog owners do not have time to walk and care for their dogs due to busy work schedules. They hire pet sitters/dog walkers to get assistance in this regard.

A dog walker needs to be dependable and good with animals, especially dogs, and should know exactly how to go about looking after dogs.

Here is an example of a dog walker resume that will help you build a targeted resume.

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Dog Walker Resume Sample

Ronald Hartley
Herman, NE 52117
(000) 632-9119

Seeking a position as a Dog Walker with Loyalty Pet Care, utilizing my inborn love for animals and the acumen for managing their everyday exercise needs.

• Worked as a part-time Dog Walker for Green Paws for 3 years
• Eager to walk multiple dogs simultaneously
• Known for utilizing time efficiently and providing exercise to each dog
• Hands-on experience in commanding obedience in accordance with preset rules of language
• Familiar with healthcare issues and vaccination of dogs

• Possess a strong passion for animals
• Familiar with basic training commands
• Knowledge of dog grooming and health assessment
• Physically capable of walking 7 hours a day
• Excellent communication and organizational skills
• Experience using PetExec

• Trained dogs from three different breeds together.
• Conducted three workshops on Dog Management Techniques bringing in 72 participants.


Dog Walker
Green Paws – Herman, NE                                         
• Walk dogs for the prescribed amount of time
• Play with dogs following instructions for the exercise
• Dispose of waste on the trail
• Clean the backyard of the facility and organize it
• Ensure the dogs are in their kennels or are returned to the rightful owners

Dog Walker
ABC Company – Herman, NE                                         
• Refilled dog water and food
• Applied flea and tick treatments as and when necessary
• Answered calls at the facility
• Recorded route and dogs’ names in files

High School Diploma
Herman Public School

Dog Walker Job Description for Resume

Dog Walker Job Description for Resume

  • Take instructions for walking, feeding, and exercise programs from dog owners and ensure that they are being complied with perfectly.
  • Discuss each dog’s nature and individual needs with its owner.
  • Pick up dogs from their homes and engage in friendly play to make them comfortable.
  • Make a note of any special instructions or limitations that dog owners provide.
  • Walk dogs outdoors for a designated period.
  • Engage dogs in physical activities such as play and exercise as part of the dog activity plan.
  • Provide dogs with breaks as and when required.
  • Clean any waste on the road or sidewalk immediately.
  • Manage dogs in case of walking more than one dog at a time.
  • Ensure dogs’ physical safety at all times and make sure that they do not endanger any other animal or human in the vicinity.
  • Provide dogs with food and water by following the schedule that dog owners have provided.
  • Give rewards to dogs when they follow instructions.
  • Take photographs and make videos of dogs on a periodical basis to show owners how they are faring.

Final Thought

Contrary to what many people think, dog walking is a difficult job. It is not just about taking a dog out for a walk a few times a day; it is also about the immense responsibility associated with looking after a dog.

In order to work as a dog walker, you will need to make sure that you have an inherent love for animals, particularly dogs.

You will also need to possess the physical strength to walk big dogs – after all, you don’t want to be “walked” yourself!

Walking the dog is just one part of a dog walker’s job. There is so much more than you will need to do in this role, including picking up and dropping off dogs at their homes and following designated dog exercise programs.

While you are in the process of walking a dog, you will need to show love and affection in a bid to make the dog owner comfortable with you.

In order to work as a dog walker, you will need to write a resume. The dog walker resume sample on this page will help you immensely.