Security Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 13, 2021

Your cover letter is a marketing tool, therefore, use this opportunity effectively to advertise your candidacy.

Writing a winning cover letter for the security manager position needs time and effort.

As a matter of fact, writing a Security Manager cover letter is like building your advertisement to make a solid impression on prospective employers.

To do this, you need to address their needs explicitly and convincingly in your cover letter.

Take a look at the following sample to get a better idea.

Security Manager Cover Letter Example

Jim Kimberley
11 Nexus Ave, Greenwood Village, CO 89011
(000) 214-6875

October 13, 2021

Mr. Edward Simpson
HR Manager
ABC Group
877 Wonder Villas
Greenwood Village, CO 89011

Dear Mr. Simpson:

I am sending this application in response to your advertisement for the Security Manager position. With 7+ years of hands-on experience and training in the security field, I feel confident that I can contribute significantly to this role.

Here is a snapshot of my profile:

  • Extensive experience in handling client based security services and general security operations including facility inspection, updating of paperwork and security manuals.
  • Demonstrated ability to command and control FCC activities during emergency situations.
  • Well versed in reviewing and investigating accidental and misconduct reports and issuing future course of action in light of the incident analysis.
  • Able to assess staff and personnel training needs and provide them training accordingly.

Having served at two international security providing groups, my skills in security management have been refined, and I stand fully qualified for taking up the role of a security manager at ABC group.

May I suggest an interview to discuss my talents in detail? I am available when you are. My resume is attached for your review. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jim Kimberley

Encl. Resume

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