Scheduler Cover Letter Example

Updated on: November 1, 2022

When applying for a scheduler position, send a cover letter along with your resume. Your cover letter will show your enthusiasm and dedication that will open the doors of a scheduler job for you.

How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter for a Scheduler job?
  1. Before writing your cover letter, read the scheduler job description provided by the recruiter.
  2. Address your letter to the specific person who has the authority to hire you.
  3. Start the cover letter with a compelling statement.
  4. In the body of the cover letter, mention your background and relevant experiences, as well as skills.
  5. Describe how you will add value to the prospective company by using your qualifications.

The following example cover letter for a Medical Scheduler position will give you a quick start to preparing your job application.

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Scheduler Cover Letter Example

Ella Rock
65 6th Street
Wakefield, RI 21101
(000) 541-9654
[email protected]

November 1, 2022

Ms. Katie Anderson
Senior Administrator
Brookdale Senior Living
25 Some Street
Wakefield, RI 21225

Dear Ms. Anderson:

With great excitement, I am writing to express my keen interest in the Scheduler position with Brookdale Senior Living. My relevant qualifications and over 3 years of extensive work experience in the healthcare industry make me an ideal candidate for this position.

Through my first-hand experiences working with many organizations, I have developed expertise in:

  • Scheduling appointments and admissions
  • Answering questions from patients and families
  • Verifying the patient demographics on all new referral patients
  • Obtaining relevant information from referring physicians
  • Maintaining and updating physician, office, off-site, diagnostic, and personal schedules
  • Printing and distributing schedules
  • prioritizing and organizing a massive workload each day

Furthermore, I have a thorough knowledge of general clerical functions and a good understanding of medical office flow, excellent attention to detail, and the ability to make and transfer phone calls. I am confident that your Scheduler position will allow me to use my skills and passion for the long-term growth of Brookdale Senior Living Inc.

With a dedication to excellence and an enthusiasm for helping others, I am enclosing my resume for your review. I look forward to speaking with you soon and will follow up after one week to confirm that you have received my job application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


(Sign Here)
Ella Rock

Enclosure: Resume

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