Surgery Scheduler Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 20, 2016

Since cover letters provide a “cover” for your resume, they need to be “pretty”. And not just pretty, but intelligent too. How will you make sure that your cover letter is both good to look at and speaks volumes for who you are at the workplace?

To be perfectly candid, a cover letter is a reflection of who you are or will be as an employee. Making sure that your cover letter praises you to the highest of heavens is imperative. The key to doing this correctly is making sure that the content of your letter is something that will impress the person who is going to read it. Of course, the format matters as much as the content does. This is because a cover letter that is difficult to read is a cover letter rejected immediately.

Making your cover letter easy to read is not such a chore if you know a few rules. Firstly, make sure that you address the person who is going to receive your cover letter specifically. Next, ensure that your cover letter content is clear and relevant. Lastly, you must take care of the fact that your cover letter has enough white space in it, to aid readability. A little like this:


Surgery Scheduler Cover Letter Sample


521 7th Street # 45
Plainfield, VT 10211

July 20, 2016

Mr. Frank Holden
Hiring Manager
United Surgical Partners International
652 Waterside Road
Plainfield, VT 87032


Dear Mr. Holden:

I was both surprised and excited when I discovered that the job description which you have provided for the position of a surgery scheduler at United Surgical Partners International, in your website career section, is spot on with my experience and skills as one!

I will be happy to chart out this suitability here so that you too can see how well-suited I am for the job:

• Well-versed in conferring with patients to obtain medical histories and information of previous surgeries.
• Highly experienced in coordinating surgical procedures by effectively synchronizing the schedules of surgeons, support staff and patients.
• Deeply familiar with scheduling pre-op scheduling tests such as bone scans, MRIs, CT scans and ESIs.

If you are looking for an individual who has had extensive experience in efficiently scheduling surgeries, and handling associated work such as insurance liaison, medical clearances and pre-admission testing, you will be interested in the resume that I have enclosed with this letter. I will follow up with you next week to determine if there is an available time slot in your calendar to meet with me. In the interim, I can be reached at (000) 142-4744.



Anita Ray