Helicopter Pilot Resume Sample

Updated: February 26, 2018

As far as employers are concerned, good resumes are few and far between.

The fact that resumes need to be worked on in detail must not be lost on any job seeker.

The more profoundly written your resume is, the better your chances of being selected for a job.

Below is a sample resume to help you with your resume writing endeavors:




Helicopter Pilot Resume Example



Charles Shane

402 W Pleasant Run Drive
Lancaster, TX 58231
(000) 123-3423
ch.shane @ email . com


Performance Summary
7+ years’ extensive experience in piloting helicopters carrying both cargo and passengers. Proficient in controlling and flying assigned helicopters with exceptional focus on the safety of all onboard. Ability to inspect parts and technical functions of the assigned helicopter, before flying.

Checks weather forecasts and ensures that flight plans are created accordingly. Exceptionally talented in planning and adopting shortest and safest routes, using complex navigations systems. Qualified to monitor technical processes, instrument panels, and fuel consumption during the flight.

Professional Skills

Weather Gauging Helicopter Inspections Safety Precautions
Emergency Landing Safe Route Mapping Rescue Operations
Air Traffic Control Liaison Scheduled Checks Post-flight Paperwork
Co-pilot Training Clearance Obtainment Instruments Checking

Selected Accomplishments
• Responsible for 14 rescue missions all of which were considered 100% successful.
• Successfully brought the helicopter out of an electric storm through excellent judgment and action.
• Devised a foolproof air traffic control liaison which ensured constant communication at all times.
• Performed pre-flight inspections on 5 helicopters within 3 hours, to keep them ready for audit purposes.


Helicopter Pilot
Pioneer Technologies, Lancaster, TX | 4/2013 – Present
• Perform checks and inspections on assigned helicopters to ensure their functionality and safety before each flight.
• Execute special missions to include hauling cargo, fighting fire, patrolling and search and disaster mitigation
• Inspect all parts and technical functions of the helicopter before flying it to the destination.
• Map fastest and safest routes on the flight navigation system, and ensure that alternate routes are charted out as a backup.
• Create and maintain constant contact with ground staff and traffic control, ensuring that all instructions from them are taken into account.
• Target the right spots during rescue operations by applying training in flying and maneuvering assigned helicopter.
• Ascertain that passengers and cargo are timely and safely delivered to their destinations.
• Handle in-flight and ground emergencies intending to ensure the safety of passengers and staff members.

Helicopter Co-Pilot
Air Medical Resource Group, Lancaster, TX| 2/2009 – 4/2013
• Assisted pilots in performing pre-flight physical inspections on assigned helicopters.
• Checked the weather forecast and alerted pilots of any problems with the weather.
• Made flying checklists and plans and ensured that the fastest and safest routes were mapped on the navigation system.
• Evaluated the performance of assigned helicopters and assured that corrective action was taken.
• Provided adequate and accurate information to base camps during evacuations, rescue operations, and monitoring projects.

Texas State University, Lancaster, TX | 2009
Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation