Actuaries are actually risk managers who analyze a company’s risk in terms of financial matters. With the assistance of mathematics, statistics and financial theories, actuaries study future events that may be posed as uncertain and advise companies of the consequences.

Actuaries usually work with pension programs, insurance companies, consulting firms and other benefits programs where they are required to indulge in research activities that will engender trends information to assess financial risks to a company.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in actuarial sciences, mathematics or finance, then this position is for you. Have a look at the following resume that will help you apply for this job!


Actuary Resume Sample


Kate Ryder

89 Deen Road, Brighton, TN 93900
(020) 999-9999, Email


Bringing skills in performing loss trends analysis and developing support plans to assist in loss prevention.

Performance Summary: Diligent business professional with 9+ years’ progressive experience in designing and developing systems and processes to perform mortality studies. Track record of conducting full range of actuarial analysis in order to assess risk exposures. A methodical individual who competently builds stochastic risk models and proposes recommendations. Expertise lies in minimizing risks through productive measures to maximize returns.

• Implemented a new system that derived market trends data in order to assist with risk information and management
• Trained 11 employees in risk management activities for a crash course at Tennessee State University

Blue Cross Blue – Brighton, TN
Actuary | April 2010 – Present
• Develop tools for planning risk management strategies
• Analyze social and economic data to interpret risk trends
• Determine probability to events that factor in on risk management
• Use statistics to understand safe investment options for the company
• Analyze insurance rates for different policies and their affect on the company

Aetna – Brighton, TN
Assistant Actuary | January 2007 – April 2010
• Assisted actuary in analyzing data and developing data tables
• Prepared risk information reports using current trends information
• Assisted in quantitative research activities
• Gathered information regarding tools and methodologies to address risk management needs

Tennessee State University – Brighton, TN – 2005
Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Sciences

• Strong grasp on mathematical concepts
• Great attention to detail
• Excellent listening and typing skills
• Good grasp of legal terminology
• Working knowledge of using transcription tools and equipment