Court Reporter Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 6, 2018

Court reporters are responsible for keeping written records of all court proceedings. This may include pre-trials, hearings, and sentences. They manage their work with the aid of stenotypes which help them with quick typing as they need to document everything in real time.

Since court reporters are required to type verbatim, they need to be very agile in typing. They do not only perform these activities for courts but also be expected to work for legislative assemblies and even committee meetings.

The position of a court reporter is for someone who understands the legal procedure and can work with minimal supervision. If you are looking for a position of a court reporter, you may be interested in the following cover letter which will help you apply for a job.


Court Reporter Cover Letter Example


377 Parsons Street
Blackfoot, ID 73736

September 6, 2018

Mr. Luke Otis
Manager Human Resources
Superior Court, Blackfoot City
7784 Burley Lane
Blackfoot, ID 73633


Dear Mr. Otis:

I had worked as a Court Reporter extensively for Sonoma County, and have been looking for a similar opportunity ever since I moved to Idaho three months ago.

Owing to my extensive work experience in courts for most of my career, I am well versed with the work that is expected of a court reporter. With many years spent creating verbatim transcripts of speeches and legal proceedings, I am now very familiar with the constraints of the work and ways to overcome them. Comprehending the fact that court reporters play a pivotal role in the preservation of written transcripts, I ensure that all my work is accurate and secure as far as records are concerned owing to the sensitivity of the data involved. My proofreading skills ensure that all work that I do is error free for the sake of the legalities involved.

I am available for an immediate interview and anticipate a call from your office. I may be contacted at (000) 222-2222 for any further information that might be needed to process my application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jack Lemmon

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