Store Associate Resume Example

Updated on: November 14, 2015

Looking for store associate resume advice? How about some FAQs instead? This list of frequently asked resume questions will indirectly provide you with resume writing advice as well:

Should I include professional affiliations?
Only if they are relevant to the job that you are applying for. If professional affiliations are a prerequisite, do not leave them out.

Should I include personal data?
As far as height, weight, health, marital status, age, race and religion are concerned, no. Do not list hobbies and do not include photographs.

I have worked for a long time. Should I mention all my previous commissions?
Unless all your previous commissions are relevant to the job that you are applying for now, mention them very briefly.

Is it important to mention volunteer work?
Yes, it is. Especially if it is related to the job that you are now applying for. Volunteer positions also show employers a different side of your personality – the helpful one.

It is absolutely necessary to include an objective statement?
No, it isn’t. Consider replacing the objective statement with a career summary.

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Store Associate Resume Example


Walter Martin

5632 Halsey Road ● Dover ● DE 19025 ● (000) 414-8877 ● walmart @ email . com


SUMMARY: Resourceful and self-confident store associate with over 5 years of experience working in diverse retail environments. Effective and persuasive with a solid track record of meeting deadlines consistently.

• Excellent skills in sustaining the highest level of customer services by providing exceptional first contact services
• Proven record of maintaining the store’s interior and exterior to conform to company standards in a bid to ensure consistency
• Unmatched ability to provide continuous attention to customer needs by providing prompt and courteous services
• Focused on ensuring product freshness by ensuring product date control and handling restocking activities


• Tier-one Support • Product Rotation • Inventory Management
• Procurement • Safety Standards • Product Demonstrations
• Quality Control • Stocking and Rotating • Shipment Accuracy
• Aftersales Services • Payment Processing • Store Maintenance


BIG LOTS, Dover, DE (6/2012 to Present)
Store Associate
• Welcome customers and provide them with information on special discounts and deals
• Determine customers’ buying needs by engaging them in conversation and eliciting information
• Lead or direct customers to their desired aisles and help them pick and choose products
• Provide product demonstrations and assist in understanding features and benefits
• Lead customers through the buying and payment procedures
• Ascertain that sufficient items are stocked on shelves and that any insufficiencies are immediately catered to
• Rotate items according to their prices and expiry dates and ensure that any near-expiry items are immediately removed
• Confer with procurement managers to ensure delivery of products in a timely manner
• Ascertain that general cleanliness and maintenance of the store

Key Achievements
• Met goals by a consistent 100% throughout 2010 and 2015
• Increased customer base by 33% within the first 6 months of being hired
• Decreased inventory maintenance problems by 22% by implementing an automated inventory management system
• Reined in a large merchandising event, which eventually raked in a business worth $3m

MACY’S, Dover, DE (1/2011 to 5/2012)
Sales Intern
• Greeted customers and assisted them in finding their choice of products
• Demonstrated product features and benefits to assist customers in making purchasing decisions
• Stacked items on shelves according to company procedures and discarded any expired ones
• Cleaned shelves and counters and assisted in physical inventory counts
• Set up merchandising displays by following visual merchandising concepts

High School Diploma