Visual Merchandiser Job Description and Duties

Updated September 10, 2015

When actual shopping is not intent but you enter a store anyway, it is all thanks to how things are displayed in the window – and inside once you do enter. And if you have managed to buy something that you have no intention of buying, well, you need to thank the visual merchandiser who was behind the window and store displays.

Position Overview

Visual merchandisers are typically marketing professionals who are responsible for highlighting the visual appeal of a brand. They do this by applying their expertise in marketing and sales. Companies hire people who have a degree in business or in a discipline that is particular to the type of organization – for example, a fashion house might hire a person who has a degree in fashion and design – as visual merchandisers.

Required Skills

You need to be exceptionally skilled in a number of areas if you want to work as a visual merchandiser for a company. This includes possessing expertise in creating designs for window displays and comprehending what makes people buy products. As a visual merchandiser, you will have to think along the lines of marketing and sales – both gauge how successful you are in your merchandising efforts.

Following are some typical duties of a visual merchandiser.

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Visual Merchandiser Duties and Responsibilities

• Comprehend each product’s specific features and create plans to boost its image

• Research market and industry trends to determine how the competition is handling its marketing activities

• Set up visual representations of products by constructing, painting and setting up signs, sales banners and panels

• Maintain and present visual displays in a compelling manner to attract new and existing customers

• Produce design ideas for displays and develop correlating floor plans to execute them

• Create and install special displays to promote specific products or product lines

• Acquire display materials and props by creating and maintaining liaison with procurement managers and vendors and suppliers

• Determine effective use of space and lighting within the store

• Create branded visual merchandising packs for each branch of the store to use as part of its marketing activities

• Ascertain that prices and other details are clearly visible on each item

• Assemble and disassemble visual displays within the store or in windows

• Lead and motivate merchandising teams to complete displays in a time efficient manner

• Dress mannequins according to followed theme and ensure that appropriate accessorizing is carried out

• Maintain inventory of supplies and tools used in handling merchandising activities and ensure that all dismantled displays are appropriately stored

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