Retail Clothing Skills for Resume

Updated on: August 20, 2018

Skills information in a resume is vital to its success. This much has been proven time and again. A resume that does not have this information is considered incomplete. And there is no way that you should send in an incomplete resume. There is a reason for the skills section to be present in all popular resume formats – and that is because skills information is considered most important.

How do you put skills into your resume?

There is only one way to do this – through well-structured skills statements. Remember that not all of your skills need to go into this section. You should choose a few that will make a solid impact on the hiring manager. Write a maximum of 4 skills statements and you should be good.

Let’s come to the actual writing part – what goes into a skills statement?

Writing a skills statement may be a little complicated, especially when you find it difficult to separate your skills from the job duties that you have performed. Remember that a job duty is not a skill – it is just something that you do. A skill is how you perform a job duty. Once this difference is identified, you can write skills statements the way hiring managers want to see them.

For a retail clothing position, have a look at the following skills statements:

Retail Clothing Skills for Resume

• Highly experienced in reaching out to customers within the store to ensure the provision of excellent customer services.
• Deeply familiar with assisting customers in choosing the right clothes to suit their body types and personal preferences.
• Effectively able to ensure visual presentation of clothing lines, in accordance with the company’s marketing strategies.
• Demonstrated expertise in assisting customers in making buying decisions in accordance with their buying powers.
• Proven ability to perform visual merchandising activities, by following set instructions for putting up displays.
• Adept at identifying and evaluating customers’ needs, and making product recommendations based on the performed analysis.
• Proficient in responding to, and handling customers’ complaints, ensuring that repeat business opportunities are not compromised.
• Solid track record of effectively providing suggestions for buying accessories that may complement customers’ purchases.
• Well-versed in providing customers with information on and calculating discounts, and any available deals on their choice of products.
• Ability to coordinate with storage areas to ensure that items are acquired, and placed on shelves in a timely manner.
• Qualified to lead customers through payment procedures, and ensure that any deliveries are arranged for in a time-efficient manner.