Fashion Retail Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 30, 2021
How to Write a Professional Cover Letter for Fashion Retail Jobs?

Before venturing into the big task of fashion retail cover letter writing, one must determine:

• Why cover letters are necessary?
• What strategies to use to write effective cover letters?
• How to format and edit your drafts?
• What not to do when writing a cover letter?

Cover letters are necessary for one main reason – they have the capacity to truly reach out to a prospective employer no other job application document can. Cover letters are always read, so they need to be given proper thought and time.

There really is no one strategy that you can use to write an effective cover letter for a fashion retail resume.

However, you might want to keep the tone of your letter professional and refrain from adding memes. People seem to think that a sense of humor is always appreciated – well, wake up and smell the coffee because they are not always appreciated. In fact, memes can actually put a reader completely off your cover letter.

The format of your cover letter must be straightforward and easy to read. White space is important.

Do not fill in an entire page just for the sake of it.

Write a first draft initially and then edit, re-edit and proofread it as much as possible before you consider it finalized.

Here is an example:

Fashion Retail Cover Letter Example

June 30, 2021

Mr. Arthur Vargas
Hiring Manager
Lord and Taylor
2121 S Elm Street
Hebron, ND 65656

Dear Mr. Vargas:

The intrigue and beauty of the world of fashion do not end at fashion designing. Possessing a great interest in how fashion can be communicated to the masses, I am definitely the right choice to be hired as a fashion retail associate at Lord and Taylor. My experience in the field is vast, backed up by a 4-year college degree in fashion retail, boasting of specialized courses including the medium of fashion, consumer behavior, fashion merchandising, and marketing in a global environment.

Having been the person responsible for marketing Jordon Fashion’s high street clotheslines to the average consumer, my accomplishments in this arena have been great. Not only have I managed a complete sellout for this line through effective one-on-one marketing with walk-in customers, I have also managed to acquire a huge following for Jordon Fashion.

If you would like to see me replicate this at Lord and Taylor, please feel free to contact me at (000) 320-5252. I look forward to meeting with you in person and discussing this role in detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Gigi Ross