9 Child Advocacy Skills for Resume

Updated on: September 25, 2022

You may have heard a dozen times that skills are what make you shine in a resume – well, it’s time we reiterated this anyway!

You cannot run away from this fact. When you write a resume, your main emphasis should be on the skills section. When you fail to announce your skills, you fail to impress a prospective hiring manager.

Emphasizing the high-interest factors that when a hiring manager’s appetite will bring you many steps closer to gaining the job of your dreams.

Researching what most-wanted skills are as far as most companies are concerned is imperative. Communication and interpersonal abilities always stand at the top of the list. But remember that almost all candidates claim that they are excellent in these two areas, while not really presenting proof.

Make sure that the skills statements that you write are in direct sync with what your accomplishments say about you. You must create a solid link between the two to make both of them believable.

Your skills always point in a direction where you hope to thumb a ride. Whether it is your ability to handle many things at the same time or manage complex situations in a smooth manner, everything constitutes a skill.

The only problem with skills statements is the fact that they are often not communicated properly.

So if you claim that your communication skills are good, make sure you communicate your other skills effectively as well. A little like this:

Sample Skills for Child Advocacy Resume


Assessing children and their families to determine their histories, especially problems and limitations

Engaging Children

Engaging children in conversation to decipher their specific wishes and problems


Investigating each assigned case thoroughly by interviewing parents, family members, teachers, and physicians


Observing children in various social settings to see how they react to adversaries or different situations

Determining Problems

Determining problems such as substance abuse, neglect, or physical abuse and alerting the authorities in a timely manner.

Reports Creation

Creating and timely submitting reports regarding each case to the authorities and in court.


Providing counseling to children and their families to remedy situations so that children are not placed in harm’s way

Arranging Support Service

Arranging support services such as child and prenatal care, parental training, substance abuse support, and homemaking services

Developing Plans

Developing and updating safety plans to ensure that children and their families are kept away from victimizing persons