As an MBA graduate (experienced and entry level) your objective is the primary face of your resume.


Keep your objective statement short and concise. It should also be employer-focused (Do not make a generic objective for your resume). Employer-centered objectives of MBA graduates are those which are customized to the exact organization and position. These types of objectives contains the company’s name and the position title, and they briefly outline how the candidate can help the organization attain its goals. Let us see the following example:

• To contribute to ABC Company achieve its mission by joining the finance team as a Financial Manager.

Creating an employer-centered objective is very important due to the fact that you don’t want to sound like you’re using the organization inconsiderately to advance your own career.

Keep away from these types of objectives, such as:

• To expand my skills in the management field.

It is an unclear,  poor and self-centered objective. It does not discuss how the applicant will be able to assist the company effectively.

Sample MBA Objective Statements for Resume

• A Program Manager position with MillerCoors San Francisco where demonstrated skills in marketing, administration, and sales can be translated into enhanced growth and profitability.

• Human Resources Management position at XYZ Company which will require me to apply my business education and HR skills to assist the company in the achievement of its goals.

• Seeking Senior Business Analyst position with Apple that will allow me to make the most of my communication, organizational, and IT skills.

• Seeking a Human Resources Manager position at IFC Washington where my specialized experience and education will allow me make a direct contribution as an essential part of company.

• Seeking a marketing position with UDR where demonstrated skills in marketing, management, and sales can be used to boost profitability and promote growth.

• To obtain a management position with the Department Of Transportation where I can use my energy and skills to develop, inspire, lead and encourage employer’s productivity.

• Seeking a Branch Manager position with Labor Ready utilizing my business skills and customer service experience to improve operations, amplify profitability and increase growth.