Scaffold Builder Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: July 14, 2020

One needs to pay special attention to writing a scaffold builder resume. That is because, through this document, the hiring manager will decide if your professional profile worth his or her time.

All the sections within a scaffold builder resume must be properly handled. Starting from the resume summary to the education part, every part should shout out your suitability for the job.

In your resume, explicitly highlight your skills such as the ability to determine scaffolding specifics through blueprints and drawings. Equally important is to write information about your experience and accomplishments in this regard.

The Scaffold Builder resume format must be excellent in terms of clarity and white space.

See the template below to get ideas.

Sample Resume for Scaffold Builder

Bert Norman
10 Nut Road, Norfolk, VA 43743
(000) 999-9999


Uniquely qualified Scaffold Builder with 11+ years of solid track record in erecting and tearing down scaffolding on construction sites. Hands-on experience in building, positioning, and dismantling structures. Well-versed in selecting the right materials and tools for each scaffolding procedure. Ability to work under pressure in extreme conditions.

– Blueprints Comprehension
– Materials Selection
– Tools Use
– Inspection Wood Sizing
– Safety Precautions
– Preventative Maintenance
– Systems Assembly
– Work Orders Creation
– Debris Removal
– Construction Site Preparation

• Trained 50 apprentices in comprehending and following blueprints.
• Implemented a unique wood sizing system, therefore, reduced time by 50%.
• Revamped the site preparation system, as a result, decreased preparation time by 20%.
• Streamlined work orders, consequently, increased efficienc.y


Scaffold Builder
Double Builders, Norfolk, VA 
Sep 2016 – Present
• Read and interpret blueprints and design specifications
• Confer with journeymen in order to determine requirements
• Provide cost information to clients
• Acquire materials and supplies needed for scaffolding purposes
• Examine and select the right tools and equipment
• Inspect base surfaces for obstructions and problems
• Clear work areas of debris and hazardous materials
• Measure boards and plywood panels and cut them according to specifications
• Use carpentry hand tools such as hammers, saws, levels, and squares
• Brace forms in place with timbers and tie rods
• Secure scaffolding in permanent structures
• Assemble piping systems in sync with welders

Construction Worker
AB Construction Company, Norfolk, VA
Oct 2008 – Sep 2016 
• Removed debris from construction areas
• Loaded and unloaded materials to and from delivery trucks
• Transported materials and equipment to construction areas
• Held wood in place while construction workers cut them
• Cleaned and maintained construction equipment and tools

High School Diploma
St. Bert’s High School, Norfolk, VA 

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