Immediate Resignation Letter Due to Spouse Illness

Updated on: March 10, 2022

For most situations, a resignation letter needs to spell out a specific last working day.

But providing notice of one’s intention to leave is not possible in all situations.

Some emergency circumstances may require employees to hand in an immediate resignation letter, without providing notice.

This can become a difficult situation as employers find themselves without an employee on whom they depend to get their work done.

But if an employee has a valid reason to leave his post immediately, there really isn’t much that an employer can do but let him or her go.

As far as an immediate resignation letter due to spouse illness is concerned, it is imperative to ensure that the content is sincere and clear.

You should be able to provide a detailed reason for wanting to resign immediately, no matter how personal it is.

It is the employer’s right to know. Just tell him or her what situation is keeping you from staying back for a month and train someone else in your place. Provide evidence if that will make your case stronger.

Want to know how an immediate resignation letter can be written? Here is one:

Immediate Resignation Letter Due to Spouse Illness

Anthony Stark
58 West Street # 212
Bear, DE 25152
(521) 965-2010
Anathoney @ email . com

March 10, 2022

Mr. Thomas Hanks
Marketing Manager
Global Elite Group
41 Harrison Avenue
Bear, DE 23870

Dear Mr. Hanks:

With much regret and extreme sadness, I am writing this letter to inform you of my decision to resign from my position as Marketing Officer for Global Elite Groups, with immediate effect. By the end of today, I will hand over all my work to you, along with all the key cards that I was issued.

I understand that according to the contract, I have to provide a 2-week notice of my intention to resign. I am afraid that this is not possible right now. My wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer (Stage 4 – Ovarian) and I want to be with her during this time of extreme despair. As is proper, I am assigning myself as her caregiver, as I want to give her palliative care with love and sincerity.

If possible, please issue me a reference letter at your earliest convenience – I would also appreciate it if you would expedite my salary as it is the end of the month. I appreciate your concern and understanding at this difficult time in my life.


Anthony Stark