Elementary School Registrar Job Description and Duties

Updated on: December 29, 2019

Position Overview

Elementary school registrars are administrative individuals who work for elementary schools. Their basic responsibility is to provide assistance with student registration and other related work to help students settle in. They determine academic calendars, set agendas, and curriculums for student exams and distribute testing materials.

During the time of excessive pressure, an elementary school registrar may be called upon to assist with student emergencies by proactively seeking out emergency contact information and helping administer first aid or CPR.

Since they work at an extremely important position, it is important for school registrars to be proactive and possess exceptional leadership skills. Sound decision-making and organization and interpersonal skills are also very important in this role as one is constantly in touch with people from all walks of life.

Job Requirements

To work as an elementary school registrar, one has to have a college degree – most disciplines are considered positively but if you have a bachelor’s degree in education, you will be considered a good candidate for this job. And if this work interests you, then you might have a chance at earning approximately $66,000 annually!

So before you begin applying for this position, make sure that you understand what you will have to do at an elementary school registrar position, by going through the following list of job duties:

Elementary School Registrar Duties

• Greet new students and provide them with information on school registration procedures

• Assist students in enrolling for classes and withdrawing from them

• Provide information regarding other possible classes and students’ eligibility

• Maintain records of student information and test scores

• Determine academic calendars and ensure that students are communicated with properly regarding school activities

• Handle fee bill payment duties by taking cash or checks and issuing receipts

• Distribute test materials and handle summer school registration activities

• Maintain current class lists, locator cards, and grade lists

• Communicate with other schools regarding new students and their histories

• Create and maintain effective relationships with parents and guardians to keep them abreast of happenings in school

• Maintain files for business documents, sick and personal leave applications and arrange for a substitute teacher and teacher aids when required

• Answer telephones to provide information regarding school hours offered courses and enrollment and registration procedures

• Monitored the purchase and procurement of office materials and equipment and coordinate with procurement officers to ensure timely delivery of both

• Process new student records, including transcripts from other schools and enter data into preset databases

• Provide assistance in emergencies by contacting parents or guardians and informing them of injuries during school time