Top 10 Realtor Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: October 3, 2020
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If you are a realtor and are in the process of writing a resume, you may need to look more closely into the resume objective. A realtor’s resume objective will possess customer orientation and a keen sense of selling acumen.

How to Write an Exceptional Objective for Realtor Resume?

As a realtor, it is imperative to write a topnotch career objective to get your message across to the recruiter. In it, you must convey your strong traits that will help the company become successful. Clearly mention the value that you would add to the employer through your skills and experiences.

Here are a few examples of objectives that will help you write your resume.

Sample Objectives for a Realtor Resume

Experienced Realtor Career Objectives (8 Examples)

1. To work as a Realtor at 187 Place, applying 2 years of experience and acquired skills in the real estate industry, poised to achieve business objectives in correlation with buyers’ and sellers’ aims. Specifically interested in helping the organization with properties identification, sales negotiation, and client connection.

2. Adaptable, reliable, and friendly individual, concentrated on acquiring a position as a Realtor at Homes By Taber. Hopeful of working in an environment that allows for the application of strong organizational, and communication skills when interacting with clients about their property buying and selling needs.

3. To obtain a Realtor position with AA Holdings making the most of talents in advertising properties, appraising, and working as an intermediary to provide the best of selling and buying services.

4. Looking for a Realtor position with Hodge Podge. Offers 4 years’ successful track record of client handling and extensive knowledge of New York properties and mortgage.

5. To work as a Realtor with The Grey Group using excellent buying and selling sharpness and property research skills to provide ultimate customer satisfaction.

6. I am a driven and ambitious Realtor, with a proven history of exceeding sales goals, and achieving high client ratings. Presently seeking a position at Create Inc. aiming to provide high-end services to high net worth clients, eventually contributing to the company’s success.

7. Successful Realtor, who worked at one of the best real estate firms in the county, hoping to obtain a position at Keller Williams. Aimed at providing support to clients in both buying and selling avenues, with the eventual goal of helping the organization meet its objectives.

8. Realtor, applying 8 years of experience in the real estate to help Henley’s Properties achieve sales through client and process facilitation. Completely fixated on helping the firm meet its sales goals, in sync with clients’ interests.

Entry Level Realtor Resume Objectives With No Experience (2 Examples)

9. Looking for a position as a Realtor with Acme Properties utilizing working knowledge of the real estate world and corresponding customer service acumen to provide customers with the best real estate solutions.

10. Seeking a Realtor position at ABC Company where the understanding of buying and selling properties and relevant comprehension will be fully utilized to ensure clients’ satisfaction and increase the fame of the company.


A resume objective is your first opportunity to let prospective employers know that your skills and talents as a realtor align well with the company’s objectives. Clearly defined professional goals, and the necessary skills must be properly outlined in your resume objective. This will ensure that the hiring manager will take one look at the beginning of your resume, and think of you as someone who deserves a chance to represent their organization as a realtor.