Police Constable Resume Sample

Updated on: September 9, 2018

A police constable is a law enforcement representative who is required to work round the clock at times. While police constables in the United Kingdom hold the lowest position in the system, they have a sizeable standing in the United States.

Police constables are required to guard the vicinity in which they are placed and to apprehend any offenders as and when the need arises. They are also needed to prevent crime and other offenses from happening.

If you have a high school diploma and are qualified as a police constable, you may want to have a look at this resume sample which you can use to apply for this position.


Police Constable Resume Example


Sherman Cole

2937 Old Rainier Road, Rainier, OR 44444
(119) 656-9999, Email

*Police Constable*

Energetic policing professional with a successful track record of enforcing law and order, protecting public and property and preventing crime. Enthusiastic to make the assigned area safer. Demonstrated ability to respond to incidents and interview suspects and victims.


• Gathering Evidence • Using Intelligence • Making Arrests
• Crime Scene Preservation • Evidence Presentation • Communication
• Cultural Sensitivity • Team-building • Physical Dexterity
• Law Enforcement • Attention to Detail • Quick Response


Police Constable
STATE OF OREGON, Rainier, OR     2011-present
• Patrol assigned area and directed
• Respond to regular and emergency calls
• Prepare criminal files for record purposes and to be presented in the court
• Implement crime prevention measures in the designated area
• Assist in facilitating community policing
• Assist with work of other primary agencies such as the fire or ambulance teams

Key Accomplishments
• Prevented a particularly complicated situation from turning into a dangerous fight between residents of Old Rainier Road by employing tact and good sense
• Assisted the residents of a Corman Avenue to plan and implement neighborhood watch to manage the security of the neighborhood in an effective manner

Police Constable
CITY OF RAINIER, Rainier, OR       2006-2011
• Managed paperwork regarding constables’ work progresses
• Assisted in writing executing warrants
• Helped constables in interviewing and interrogating witnesses and victims
• Performed duties akin to assisting victims and helping law enforcement agencies with information
• Took phone calls at the constable’s office and provided information


Certified Peace Officer – State of Oregon

High School Diploma
SOME SCHOOL, Rainier, OR – 2009