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Stringing sentences together and sounding smart is not what Police Constable cover letters are all about. You may think that this is how the pros do it but in actuality, the pros do it completely differently. The pros write content that lights up the sky and produces instant results – the pros don’t have to wait for months before they finally realize that their cover letter was rejected – or worse, not read past the first sentence.

To write a cover letter as a pro would, you need to create communication that is nothing less than compelling. Your cover letter should be intrigue-inducing and possess star power. The tone you use is something you need to decide – does the position that you are applying for require a high-impact letter that brings interviews, or a gutsy one that generates hires? For instance, a police constable will probably write a cover letter along the lines of the latter. At this position, your letter should be persuasive and content-rich if you want to win career rewards that truly matter.

Working as a police constable is not your run-of-the-mill office job – it requires good judgement, knowledge of community work and guts! Yes, this is how you need to come across as in your cover letter. Need an example? Have a look at the following cover letter for a constable position:


Police Constable Cover Letter Sample 1


April 20, 2015

Ms. Trisha Manning
Superintendent of Police
City of Milford
829 Osgood Road
Milford, NH 62736


Dear Ms. Manning:

I do not scare easily. Nor do I own a panic button. When the going gets stuff, I get going! My alertness and calmness of nature is what initially qualified me as a police constable. As I got into the groove of police work, I realized that this is my true calling. My skills, experience and professional credentials make me confident that I am an ideal match for a police constable position at the City of Milford.

I offer over 7 years of patrolling and community policing experience in a position of progressive responsibility. My areas of expertise include:

● Preventative patrolling● Crime prevention
● Emergency preparedness● Investigation
● Crime trends● Civil litigation

With strong interviewing skills and a “roving eye”, I am able to maintain constant awareness of the area that I am assigned to. My motto is “prevent crime by reducing the fear of crime” and I use this to bring community members together and indulge in crime prevention measures such as neighborhood watches.

Owing to the track record of leadership qualities that I offer, you can be assured that I will make an immediate and positive contribution to your office. I would like to discuss my background and expertise with you and will call you next week to set a meeting time. In the interim, I may be reached at (222) 222-2222.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Russell Short

(Enc: Resume)


Police Constable Cover Letter Sample 2


3028 Mary Street
Medford, OR 44444
Cellular: (947) 999-999

April 20, 2015

Mr. Ashton Gray
Manager HR
Office of the State of Oregon
128 Reeher Road
Medford, OR 44412


Dear Mr. Gray:

I am writing to apply for a police constable position at the Office of the State of Oregon.

I believe that to be able to truly work well at this position, one requires knowledge of human behavior and how a criminal mind works. This knowledge goes a long way to manage preventive measures that help a community to be free of criminal offenses. With this as a great part of my training, I am confident of my ability to work provide the epitome of law enforcement services. I have also been provided exposure to promoting and facilitating community policing and my keen analytic skills assist me investigating criminal deeds by using crime trend information effectively.

Please refer to my resume which will provide you with more information regarding my skills and work history. I will call your office to see when you can meet me for a personal interview. I thank you for your time in looking through my application and look forward to hearing your thoughts about what this position entails.



Gerald Simons

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