Top 6 Plumber Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: September 15, 2020
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A plumber resume, especially for entry-level candidates and career changers, should always begin with a well-crafted objective statement. That is because an objective statement helps the employer in connecting the dots of your education, experience, and accomplishments.

Importance of an Objective Statement

Your objective statement will give direction to your resume and it will create a great impression of you as a focused candidate. It will ignite the recruiter’s interest, encouraging them to take a closer look at the rest of your resume.

How to Write a Great Objective on a Plumber Resume?

Focus on how you could bring to the organization rather than how the job could help you. An objective statement is more like an offering statement, a proposition that states your strengths and competencies required by the recruiter in the capacity of a plumber.

Besides insight into your profile, your objective for the plumber position should contain a passion for the plumbing field and willingness to work for a specific company.

The most popular style of writing your objective is to make it fit in one or two lines, stating that you are seeking a plumbing position and offering your core competencies. This format, though very simple, works best in landing the focus of the employer effectively on your skills.

Here are 6 sample objectives statements to guide you further.

6 Sample Objectives for Plumber Resume

1. Seeking a plumbing position with XYZ Company to utilize skills in HVAC installation and maintenance, PVC, and metal pipe fixing and valve fixtures.

2. To obtain the position as a plumber at XYZ where skills and training in plumbing, installing and fixing sanitary fittings, and repairing water heating systems could be effectively utilized.

3. An experienced plumber seeking work in a similar capacity with ABC Company. Bringing expertise in plumbing fixtures, drilling for pipes, and water heating system repairs to provide the best plumbing solutions to clients.

4. A seasoned plumber offering 5+ years of work experience in using hand and power plumbing tools, and installing sanitary fittings to increase the profits of ABC Company.

5. Uniquely qualified plumber seeking employment with XYZ Company. Leveraging skills in sanitary fittings, pipe fixtures, and functional and soldering procedures to maintain 100% satisfaction of clients.

Entry Level Plumber Resume Objective

6. Looking for a plumbing position with ABC Plumbing utilizing extensive plumbing training and skills for the benefit of the employer.

Additional Guidelines

It must be remembered that creating a vague objective portrays a confused personality and can seriously hurt your chances of being called for an interview.

For that reason, read the plumber job description provided by the recruiter in detail and tailor your objective statement accordingly.

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