Pharmaceutical Packaging Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: January 27, 2018

Going through a resume, the first thing that goes through the mind of a hiring manager is if the applicant has spent any amount of effort on the document.

To make sure that your resume shows this effort, take a look at the following sample:




Pharmaceutical Packaging Technician Resume Example



Peter Ross

465 Teri Dawn Lane, Jonesboro, AR 65402
(000) 854-3250
Peter.ross @ email . com


5 years of extensive experience of leading and operating the primary and secondary packaging assets, used for packing pharmaceutical products. Highly skilled in maintaining documents, records and logs associated with packaging runs, and assuring reconciliation of conforming products. Efficiently maintains supplies need at the work station to fulfil packaging services.


• Packaging Standards • Labeling • SOP Compliance
• Daily Orders Generation • Samples Production • Documentation Handling
• Log Keeping • Standards Maintenance • Supplier Negotiation
• Packaging Equipment Use • Equipment Calibration • Preventative Maintenance

• Implemented an equipment calibration system, which was 65% more efficient than the one in place.
• Brought onboard a less expensive supplier, decreasing the cost of acquiring packaging material by 50%.
• Trained 75% of the staff (currently working), as part of their induction process.
• Continuously maintained production standards at par, through implementation of exceptionally well-placed SOPs.


Pharmaceutical Packaging Technician
PSC Biotech, Jonesboro, AR | 2015 – Present
• Acquire orders to handle packaging activities on a daily basis.
• Ascertain that all supplies are available to handle pharmaceutical packaging activities.
• Calibrate and set up packaging equipment, at the beginning of each shift.
• Operate packaging equipment to ensure timely and efficient packaging operations.
• Create labels according to the specifics of each medicine or pharmaceutical item, and ensure that it is affixed properly.
• Create and maintain effective liaison with vendors and suppliers, to ensure timely and accurate delivery.
• Ascertain that all packaging equipment and tools are properly cleaned and maintained at the end of the shift.
• Troubleshoot issues such as line stoppages, and create and maintain records and logs of packaging activities.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Aide
Omnicare, Inc., Jonesboro, AR | 2013 – 2015
• Assisted technicians in setting up and calibrating packaging machines and instruments.
• Provided support in loading machines with raw materials, and overseeing operations.
• Ascertained that all supplies were made available to technicians, before the beginning of each shift.
• Oversaw supply levels and inventory, communicating low stock situations to the supervisor.
• Cleaned and maintained packaging machines according to set instructions and standards.

Jonesboro High School, Jonesboro, AR – 2012
High School Diploma