Snow Plow Operator Job Description

Updated on: March 3, 2018

Position Overview

A snowplow operator is hired by companies that provide snow removal services in both residential and commercial capacities.

These individuals need to know how to operate and handle complex snow plows to remove snow from different surfaces and are also required to possess in-depth knowledge of maintaining assigned snow plows and performing minor repairs and maintenance on them.

Educational & Skills Requirements

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is required to work as a snow plow operator. A license to drive a snowplow within the state where you intend to work is also essential.

If you have worked in this capacity earlier, you will, of course, be considered a good candidate to hire at this position. Since there are different types of snow plows for different situations, you will need to be able to master all of them, especially those that the company which has hired you is using.

Physical stamina and grit is a given while working as a snow plow operator, as you will be braving inclement weather conditions on a daily basis. Moreover, you will be expected to work at odd hours sometimes, which is why a flexible schedule is important.

Some of the job duties associated with the position of a snow plow operator include:


Snow Plow Operator Duties & Responsibilities

• Obtain orders for snow plowing, and determine which destinations need to be traveled to.

• Provide dispatchers with information on the time that it would take to go to assigned locations.

• Inspect assigned snow plow to determine if it is ready for operations.

• Start and warm up assigned plow, making it available for departure.

• Drive snow plow to designated locations and set it up to perform snow removal activities.

• Remove snow from curbs, sidewalks, walkways, porches, and car parking areas by putting snow plows in action.

• Ascertain that removed snow is correctly stacked in corners, away from where it can come in the way.

• Lift snow from different areas, and place it on the back of the snow plow, aiming to transport it to another location.

• Communicate with customers to provide them with snow removal updates, and get work orders signed by them.

• Ascertain that assigned snow plows are performed maintenance on and that any repair needs are communicated to the manager.

• Assist maintenance workers in spreading sand and salt on cleared surfaces.

• Assist customers in understanding the importance of safety on wet or semi-wet surfaces, as part of the public awareness program.