Plant Operator Resume Sample

Updated on: October 28, 2019

A plant operator must write a resume to impress it upon the hiring authority that he is the best in the field.

Technical information such as plant operation and calibration must be part of the resume.


While writing one, you must ensure that you use professional language and relevant terminology.

Flowery language or funky fonts are out.

Focus as much as you can on what you have to offer in a plant operator role.

Previous experience and accomplishments will make your candidature real for a prospective employer.



Refer to the following plant operator resume sample:

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Plant Operator Resume Sample


Nadal Clinton
64 Fed Road, Wichita, KS 80210
(000) 999-8530


Productive Plant Operator, boasting 8+ years of experience in setting up, calibrating, and operating production plants. Excellent skills in controlling plant operations through implementation of metering and monitoring tasks. Ability to maintain assigned equipment, and handle troubleshooting activities.

– Gauge Control
– Machine Indicators Oversight
– Safety Protocols
– Legal Codes
– Preventative Maintenance
– Information Recording
– Contractor Training
– Raw Material Feeds
– Waste Management
– Vendor Relations
– Quality Control
– Troubleshooting

• Selected as the only plant operator out of a team of 60 to head a complex production project.
• Successfully implemented a series of safety protocols, as a result, decreased on-site accidents.
• Introduced a unique waste management system, as a consequence, reduced manpower required in disposing of waste by 50%.
• Improved end-product quality, by implementation of well-placedquality control measures.


Plant Operator
Marathon Production, Wichita, KS| 2015-present

• Check work orders to determine production schedules
• Set up and calibrate assigned production machines and equipment
• Feed raw materials and fuel into assigned plant equipment
• Set gauges to ensure proper heat and the right time
• Identify need for process deviation, and implement corresponding measures
• Determine issues with components and troubleshoot and repair them
• Control auxiliary equipment such as pumps, fans, and compressors
• Tighten leaking glands, and pipe joints
• Detect operating problems and resolve them immediately
• Replenish batteries affixed with plan components

Plant Operations Assistant
MidAmerican Energy, Wichita, KS | 2011-2015

• Set up plant components in accordance with provided instructions
• Acquired raw materials from storage areas
• Loaded raw materials into machines
• Performed clean-up functions such as mopping spills, and managing waste
• Detected issues with plant operations, and intervened as instructed
• Started and stopped generators during power breakdowns

High School Diploma
Wichita High School, Wichita, KS – 2009

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