Recommendation Letter for Nursing School

Updated July 25, 2019

Students wanting to apply to a nursing school will need to submit a recommendation letter, along with their admission application set.

This letter should be issued by the school or college office and written preferably by a teacher or a principal.


Besides, this kind of letter can also be issued by the employer.

Let us see what a recommendation letter for nursing school should comprise.

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Nursing School Recommendation Letter Sample


July 25, 2019

To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Amanda Rhode who was a brilliant student of our school. While attending my lectures, she showed herself as an energetic and meticulous student. We regularly discussed a variety of healthcare topics beyond the scope of my course, and I was surprised by her extraordinary nursing abilities and creativity of her ideas.

Amanda has always been interested in the medical field. It is no wonder that she has spent all her free time in the biology lab during her tenure at Greenville High School. Her majors at school included biology, chemistry, and physics, which are a visible pointer to where her career is going!

I once asked Amanda why she didn’t want to be a doctor; she replied with great passion that nurses are closer to providing care to patients than doctors. She wants to be able to truly make a difference in many people’s lives for as long as she possibly can. This was an incredibly moving sentiment, and I have been watching her closely to see where this leads for over two years now. She had already learned CPR and First Aid and is the first to provide the benefit of them when an injury takes place in our sports field or if someone becomes unwell. In fact, she is our Florence Nightingale!

Amanda wants to join Greenville Nursing College as soon as she finishes her diploma here. I recommend her for this course as I believe in her ability to be the best of the best. I wish her good luck in what she intends to do with her life, and I am confident that she will be an absolute asset to your school.


Warm Regards,

Judith Harper
Principal, Greenville High School
(002) 222-2222

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